Has the price gone up?

Just noticed it is £199 / month now, has it gone up or am i missing something?

Yes, but it doesn’t make sense… You forced everyone to use sure bets or value bets and you also raised the price. At this point I would have preferred the two separate products. I will no longer be able to afford to use this service like this.


I can’t use surebets as i dont have a sign nor do i want one.
If the price is £199, i will be stopping it straight away.

The profit i make simply will not be worth the time required to make it and £199 off the bottom line is just too much.
I will not even go down a level, i would rather use a different service than take the risk of Rebel Betting taking us for a ride!
I look forward to hearing from someone who can give a definitive answer on this!


Such a shame. I have no interest in Surebetting and the £200 is just too much for me as well. I’ve enjoyed the last few months but will probably have to call it a day now sadly.


Exactly, i have never asked for surebetting, so why give me it and demand more money. Doesn’t wash with me.


Important subscription changes - Value betting & Sure betting by RebelBetting

ikr, im struggling here with 2 bet365 and 1 unibet accounts left and they want me to do surebetting lol

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You do not only get sure bets and value bets in the same product - you get a lot more. Pro is our premium service where you access an unlimited stream of the most profitable bets.

The latest release also includes a new BetTracker export feature and the Betfair Sportsbook. Those features, among others, are only available for Pro subscribers.

All current subscribers get to keep the lower prices for three months or longer. Read here for more details. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t keep adding items to the system and just put the price up! That is just not on

At some point, the product will not be worth it and that point has been hit with myself and it would seem others.
You claim will get a lot more, what more am i getting?
Betfair sportsbook? Option to download our results, both of these things should already be part of a premium priced product.
And to add surebets, that is just an insult as i am sure many do not want it otherwise they would have bought it already.

You have not added value at all, you have decreased the value of the product!

Sorry, i will take my extra 3 months until April and i will be off if you do not support your current subscribers.
New subscribers is a different matter if thats your choice, but it is simply just too much money and a near 25% hike is crazy.


i’m long time Rebel user and have tested and still using other softwares as well. I think Rebel team really shot themselves in the foot this time. Their product is not the best but not the worst within competitors, but their price now really is worst. I managed to get cheaper 2year subscription in november, but looking at the current price i’m pretty sure Rebel is going to lose a lot of customers. I hope Rebel team sees that customers know and see through the so-called new features act that it is just a reason to raise a price and nobody who truely uses valuebetting will start using surebetting. People already have gubbed accounts and surebetting is not an option for them. I hope team will take customers opinions into an account and will adjust the price accordingly, otherwise they could be eaten out by competitors.


220€! What?? It really is for thieves. This month I was going to go Pro for 3 months but I won’t do it again. It all seems so absurd to me. In practice you are proposing to lose 20/50% of the monthly profit. What are you the state? What is a capital gains tax? Any new “super feature” or “super addition” can never be worth that price.


The Starter Plan has only increased by €10. It’s made for members with smaller bankrolls that struggle to make profits over €300. Then you can upgrade to Pro after a few months when you’ve made a few hundred euros.

The value of the product is of course directly correlated to your bankroll. Note that the average monthly profit of our value betting Pro member is 1457 EUR, this is more than 6 times the cost of the subscription.

Does not matter what the average is Simon!
We all have to look at it as individuals.

I don’t care less what Joe Bloggs is making, it could be £10k a day for all i care, i just know that in my experience, the hike is not justifiable.
It is just the fact you are making it sound like the product has improved 25% (same as the price increase) which it clearly has not.
Adding Betfair and the ability to download our results should be there from day one let alone during a price hike.


Yes but we cannot offer a product with individual pricing for every user. (Would be great if we could! Taking just a percentage of your profits).

Are you on the Starter plan and are struggling to make €100?

I have been on pro since day 1. I have made profit but not much when i take the sub into account.
This hike will make it alot worse.

Take into account the time it takes to make this little profit, it becomes a “what is the point” moment.


I’m gubbed on pretty much every account. 150 a month for value betting was okay as i could still make a profit if i put a lot of bets on in the month. If you have gubbed accounts, its pretty much impossible to do sure betting as i can’t put on 500 quid bets. Just doesn’t work. If you have fresh accounts then I’d say its worth it if you do both. I don’t. I do value betting only so its a bit crafty to force the product on us when we just can’t make a profit from it. I’ll carry on for the next three months and then stop as it takes a lot of time to make a profit with restricted accounts.


I’m on a Starter plan and have cheap long rate, but I’m over -300eur this month, with yield -20%. I can’t imagine paying current prices for Pro, or Starter in matter of fact, almost impossible to make it even.


When looking at your stats, you have an average stake of 7 EUR for the 2700 bets you’ve placed. Your yield is fantastic: +5.26%
Of course, if you increase your average stake, you will make a bigger profit.

  1. What do you mean by big bankrolls? I would have started with a bankroll of 5,000 euros with the PRO plan;
  2. The product has not improved it has undergone simple changes;
  3. You are depriving people of their profits;
  4. In the long run you will be capped on all accounts, so that month’s profit you won’t make it forever;
  5. If you increase the subscription then the profit of your users must also increase (at least by 5%).

I have just started to increase bet size, need to get as much profit out of my next 3 months before i either call it a day or i am restricted on accounts

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