Has the price gone up?

More filter possibilities, similar to some of the competition would be really nice.

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Nice tip! Might be good to use for Coolbet.

surebet.com has also got Coolbet in their valuebetting service. And they are completely free for all valuebetting. Good place for valuebets when on budget. Tons of bookmakers available.

Has someone tried out BetonValue recently and has opinion on in? I used them couple of years ago, but thought to give them a go again.

if you added EW horse racing value finder then i would say yes… but to put it into prospective, i only signed up because it was 50% of the first month becaus ei thought the orrifginal price was too much. So i thought 100 pounds was a good deal… Should be the price. Or at least have the starter unlocked so you can have over 7%… then that’s fair and a good deal. I really hope you consider all our feedback. I love the product, but i fear that i will have to leave as 200 a month is… crazy to me. That’s not even considering gubbed accounts that you can only bet 5 pounds on. So it doesn’t matter about the bankroll. Because its invertible that you get gubbed. Kinda makes the price hike look even worse when you think about that.

The RebelBetting Community is not the place to discuss other services. There are more suitable places for that.

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i was adding my insight to others who were talking about where to find Coolbet values. Others suggested Oddsbutler and i added my findings to that. Sorry for trying to help.

So what was the outcome of your meeting Simon?
Just interested as you mentioned a couple of weeks but not heard anything yet unless i missed it?


Still eagerly awaiting the announcement, it has all gone very quiet again which is a shame.

People who were upset, have already left, or silenced. I don’t bother posting anything anymore after my topics and replies have been hidden and/or deleted.

That is why i thought i would bring it back to the top, all very well the big wigs on here saying they have a plan and will be in 2 weeks, well that has turned out to be untrue. Still i have a week left, lets see what happens.

Would like to stay, but not at this price

Preliminary analysis hasn’t shown any trends, so we have intentionally pushed this forward.

We have decided to increase the time you get to keep the old prices for 6 months (instead of 3).

We will have more news within a week or two, and will post in Announcements or here when we do. Closing this topic for now.

Thanks for having patience!

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