Has the price gone up?

Excatly…Trademate Core has similar price to RB starter, but much better product without limits. And BB has even better value for money having Smarkets, BetinAsia, Sportmarket etc with a fraction of cost against RB Pro. Both of them having more bookmakers than RB. RB team has head in clouds thinking their product is superior when in fact it struggles against others. In the end customers will decide with their feet.


you have unlimited nr of bets with starter, is just that you are limited to 7% value bets. Pro will give you more bets by definition because you are not limited to only 7% max value bets.

But it’s still too much 90£ ( nearly 100£ ) a month for the starter plan, I am using a different software now where i am not limited and the price is fair for what i get.

We will see how small the numbers are at the end of April when many will leave.

To say the Sure bets is little to do with the price increase makes it even worse!!
You could just about get away with it saying it is part of it but now you have said the price hike is because you need to bring in 2 new faces to bring more bookmakers onboard when they should already be on board is ridiculous.

I will be cancelling end of the 3 months,

A very poor reply and you say you hear us, truth is you are clueless.

Good luck, but i am out of here at the end of the “cheap” price.

I would suspect i wont be the only one


Oh they mean it like that. Ofc you get more bets with 7+% unlocked xd

If they unlock it for starter, itd be a fairer price imo.

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i will never pay 90£ a month for the starter if i will be limited.

I have said it before and I will repeat it. I would prefer that there wasn’t any price increase.
The explanation from Simon about the reasons behind it is much better justification than the “merging of products” that some members have been stuck on. How can you expect all “new faces” to be onboard from the “beginning” for more bookmakers? Are the bookmakers and their odds-providers, websites and APIs static? How is that supposed to work?
IMHO, if RB, with new developers, can bring the yield up it is easily worth it. Sure I am in a privileged position since I have an ROI of over 1200% and will put priority on the quality of the displayed +EV bets as a main factor for my subscription.
It is not a matter of comparing odds of softs with Pinnacle, find the discrepancy and think that equals a reliable edge. Just look at the thread " Minus after 1300 bets with custom value detector.
If existing providers improve, or a new provider of +EV bets comes along, with good value of +EV bets then I will certainly re-evaluate my position. It is a free market, after all, and everyone have different expectations, preferences, priorities and possibilities.
Good betting to everyone.

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Hi @totrashbin01 , there is absolutely no reason under the sun to justify 200£a month for this service, you can give me aaall your statistics and aaall you numbers and aaall your best arguments and aaall your ROI / CLV / PROFIT INCREASE / YELD ETC and aaall your team that you have to pay and tell me that i will triple my money in 30days and i will still not pay 200£/month EVER.

You know it’s too much, but you are just denying the truth.

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Please do not try to explain to me what I know.
Since you wrote that even “aaall my best arguments” will not change your mind it is pointless to continue this discussion. You have shared your opinion, and that is great, but now you are not adding anything useful.

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Well thats not very good is it. Only 66.9% are in profit and if you take 219eur subscription cost into consideration then i’m sure this % is less then 50%. So you put something like 50-150h of work each month in it and after that there is 50/50 change you are in profit. And that profit might only be in single or double digits.


Thanks for that thorough analysis! :man_facepalming:

On any given month during 2022:

  • 82,4% of all Starter members profit more than 99 EUR, with
  • a median profit of 417 EUR.
  • 77,1% of all Pro members profit more than 219 EUR, with
  • a median profit of 728 EUR.

Also please see my posts above again:

Right now the average profits are almost exactly four times larger than the cost. Per month.

Remember, there’s no one forcing you to subscribe to the Pro version. You need a decent bankroll to make the most of it.

Your reply says everything about this company i am afraid!

To reply in your manner is so unprofessional.

You have made my mind up and i will not be renewing when the price goes up.

Think about your customers and don’t treat us like mugs.


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Sorry about that, I just found raidom’s calculations funny, since they could be disproven just by checking the real numbers a few posts above.

You’re welcome back later. Hopefully we can improve to reach your expectations.

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and that is not a real number right? Your own quote. Strange.

Anyway we will see what future brings. I think people have seen the real numbers, calculations, attitudes, point of views and have expressed their opinions about RB, its price and comparisons against competitors. In few months the reality will kick in when peoples subsciptions will end. Personally i think the price increase will not compensate the number of people leaving the platform and RB team will be hit with hard reality. I truely hope i’m wrong beacause i have 2 year subsciption already paid and i hope team will make right choices and will get through it. We all make mistakes, but noone wants to admit them, myself included, so i think team will not listen to people and their suggestions, even if it will hurt their business, but thats life as we know it. I hope everybody that stays will be making profit and to those who leave in dissapointment i suggest to try different other competitors out and make your own choices. Nothing beats trial and error.

You have improved, just not to the tune of the price hike you have done.

I wont come back as the price will be too much as as far as i am concerned, the product is good and pretty much all i need, it is the price but that seems to be falling on deaf ears which is a shame.

Yes that is January’s result, with a third of the month still left! It’s more relevant to use the 12-month average rather than the last 20 days.

First of all I will give my sincere opinion about the increase in the value of the software and everyone considers any criticism or suggestion as constructive and never, ever destructive, consider it as an analytical analysis, the text can be a little long but it is of interest of all.
I’m in my first month on my journey into value betting, despite having already done a lot of study, I decided to give it a try, obviously I’m not a layman and I see value betting as a business and not as child’s play, after all I have a 33-year career at area of business management, human resources and statistical analyses, I have perfect knowledge of the current situation, with rising inflation, with repercussions on interest rates and the difficulties that so-called normal society sees in value bets as a way to earn some extra money which is plausible.
I have excellent knowledge of financial markets, I have already lost and won a lot of money, and I know perfectly how to manage a company, to learn we often have to make mistakes.
I see that here in the community there is a great controversy about the increase in values of this software and I must confess and forgive my sincerity, none of the parties are right, neither the CEO’s of Rebelbetting nor the users, in which I include myself.

First I’ll say in what respect users are wrong:
1st The software has proven to be good and everyone recognizes it, otherwise there would not be this discussion (Simon and his collaborators are to be congratulated);
2nd They are not considering the increase in costs by the software developer, which certainly increased in proportion to inflation and the upgrades carried out, many of which are invisible to us users;

Second, I talk about where I think Simon didn’t look at all the factors:
1st Two features were included in the Pro Pack, Value bets and Sure bets, to justify the increase, so that there was no confusion of products, I think that the majority did not ask for the incorporation of two products in one, I honestly did not even bother job of opening Sure bets.
2nd If the sum of the two products is expensive? Maybe it’s not, but those using the Pro Version should be able to Opt in, but for the price it’s basically devaluing Sure Bets, to be honest it’s not the way to go for me at least;
4th The big problem with Rebelbetting is even in the Starter version, those who start want to maximize profits, limiting value bets to 7% is not in line with what the competition offers (TS);

A good market strategy would have been:
a) Starter Basic version up to 5% (example 85€);
b) Starter Plus version, without limitation on the % of value bets for the same price as it is or even a little more (beware of the TS competition), but without the sharpers, (example €100 to €110);
c) Pro Value Bets + Sure Betts + Sharpers version for those who are already well established and want to move towards a more professional line, with the value they now have.

I would make a table this way, which would result in a migration from a Starter Basic to a Start Plus in the overwhelming majority of cases, those who were not satisfied with the price of the Pro would go to the Starter Plus.
Finally, they avoided the loss of customers, “a bird in the hand is better than many in the bush”.

Until the 11/02th I will have to make choices and I know what I will do.

Setting prices would not be assuming a mistake, it would be listening to a community on which RB depends, the competition is happy with this price increase, RB customers show that they are not.
Well done everyone and don’t forget, consider any suggestion or criticism as constructive and never as destructive.
Big hug


Thanks to all of you that contribute to an open and constructive discussion here in the community! We read all posts and take your feedback and ideas seriously.

Our goal is that you, our members, profit as much as possible. At the same time, we want to move faster. We want to make constant, significant improvements to the services.

We are right now having some internal discussions about plans, features and pricing. Give us a couple of weeks, and we will have enough data to analyze and hopefully make some improvements.

We’re looking forward to continuing this incredible journey together. :smiley: We already got some very exciting things lined up in 2023!

Thanks from the RebelBetting team


Thank you Simon, look forward to what is decided and the exciting things happening.

Hope they do before i am restricted everywhere lol

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I didn’t consider RB in the past as the product was not as fletched out as the competition, but it has slowly been adding some key features, which convinced me to give it a chance after having used TMS for a while.

I understand why an increase in price might feel warranted from the team now when the product has reached a stage of maturity. But I still feel like it is lacking in some areas. Particularly filtering. I would like to have more specific filters than what is seemingly available. I would like to have specific filters for different sports, odds types and bookmakers. For example, only NHL Moneyline odds on Bookmaker X and no Basketball Overs/Unders on bookmaker Y. It would be particularly good if you could add specific leagues to the filters, which is something that the competition doesn’t allow you to do at this stage.

The set limit of 2 & 4 filters on the different subscriptions is also odd to me and way too restrictive.

As things stand, I don’t think that that the subscription is good value vs. the competition. My feeling is that the RB team overestimated their position a bit. An increase in price would be more acceptable if it did things as good or greater than the competition, which isn’t the case right now. At least for my personal use case.

I am currently on a favourable subscription with RB, however, so I will ride it out and see how the product is improved during this year. If the product remains the same, I will definitely make the switch at the end of the year.

By the way, nothing against the RB team. I enjoy using the product, but these are just my 2 cents.

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At least Oddsbutler has the availability to add specific leagues to filters. You can also see your results per league and bookmaker there, which is really convenient

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