Has ValueBetting been cracked by bookmakers?

I should have spent 20 days a month on ValueBetting. I had spent 2000 times. I didn’t make a dollar or even lost some money.

A friend of mine lost $1,000 a month on value bets, and then he gave up. I’ve been using it all the time, but I’m still losing money. If I count the money for software, I’m losing more.

Value betting is based on the fact that some bankers are good at predicting certain matches to determine the result of the game, but whether the bankers have found your algorithm, whether they are working together to deliberately adjust the odds of the game so that you can grab the wrong data, I can hardly believe that the hit rate can be so low in the case of predicting the result of the game.

If the ValueBetting has been cracked, you should stop the product.

So count how many people are losing money at the moment?It’s better to attach photos.

I don’t think it’s like predicting the outcome of the game. It’s like casual betting. If you’re lucky, you’ll make money and if you’re not lucky, you’ll lose.

I’m desperate. I didn’t get anything in these two months, but I lost money. This is not what you call “100% Profit Guarantee!”

You have so little info. cant understand those two first sentence? And your friends 1000 lost doesnt tell anything. What was your friends stakes? If he played with 30 euro bets thats just normal. My maximum bets are 30-40 euros and in one saturday i lost 1200 (bet365 and marathonbet). It hurts but you have to keep going. My strategy is to bet maximum of 0.3% of my bank(learned by pro). My bank is now under 15000. Then those small drops doesnt hurt. In under six month have made overall profit over 5000.


I’ve said a lot, 2000 bets are still losing money, it seems that it’s just looking at luck.

If you set a maximum of 0.3% at a time, you can certainly lose very little, but you will also earn very little.

Thats not true. You have to have good money management. You can bet 100 euros bets but then you have to have at least 10000. Today i have already invest over 1200 euros and in my mind that not little. This is not place to get rich quickly. Slow and steady. If you want to get rich quickly maybe you should think Lottery or Bitcoin?

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I really don’t understand what you’re talking about. I use the default settings. So, or you don’t know what the default settings are, what’s the meaning of your metaphor?

im not talking about your settings. I think that Rebelbetting should chance that default bankroll settings. Many times there comes match with several “signals” like
over,2, o2,25, o2,5 goals and many handicaps. So if you bet like 7 bet in one game thats 7% of your bankroll. Thats a huge invest in one game. Thats gambling. Not sure what were default settings was it 1 %or more. And when you have like ten bookie accounts your bankroll is not enough.

You’re right about that. It’s reasonable to use Kelly’s formula to change the principal every time we make a bet, but we update it every day.

I’m counting 900 bets in August, and analyzing orders with odds are more likely to fail.

I won’t watch it carefully. Seven bets in a game. You must be kidding me. I can’t understand what you’re talking about.

It seems nothing strange… Sure enough, 2000 is still losing money.

Is that still a 100% profit guarantee?

We don’t recommend that you place more than one bet at any given match due to the increasing variance it brings with it.

900 bets is not statistically significant when your yield is around 0. You need more bets! Please read this FAQ: https://www.rebelbetting.com/faq/expected-value-and-variance

Email us with your username and we will check if you are eligible for the Profit Guarantee. The meaning of the Profit Guarantee is: “If you don’t make a profit, you’ll get another month for free

Bjorn- Im sure that people that doesnt know so much about sportsbetting and risks that it involves does do that with 1% units. If you are good in sportsbetting and you know what you are doing - thats fine. But with VB product. I think that investing 1% per bet is highly risk.Like i said earlyer - i did lost 40 unit in one day and i was not worried So my advice is that if you have 1000 euros in your bank account and cant afford to loose it. Do not try this. Even the greatest sportsbettors does have huge drops. I think this product is awesome and i have made very good money with it.
I think ROYCAOs stats doesnt look bad. First he had huge up swig and then drop that follows again upswing. Money management!!!


Definitely not “cracked” . Variance is just sometimes a brutal part of value betting. And sometimes it can be on your side as well. Bottom line is that I am beating the closing line more than enough to have a LONG TERM edge. Just have to be patient, and keep firing away.

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A 0.3% bet at a time is really a good suggestion.

I’m sorry. Thank you for your advice. I really should lower the maximum amount of bets.

Is your Stake Sizing still 30%?

Yes. And odds between 1.3 to 15. Have you bet mainly in soft bookies?

There’s no deliberate distinction. There are only four bankers I can bet on here (other bankers don’t have orders).

Hello, if you can let users who don’t get revenue use it for another month for free, I think I’m in line. I really don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.