Help me ,over 1000 bet but look like keep going down

Anyone help me , for the first time using rebel value , it give me up to 82% profit but now look like it keep going down . Im malaysian and only can use 1xbet is anything wrong with my set ? Please help me . Im start from 7 april . My clv was 600 but my profit 200 only ? I dont understand


try to understand that you need a lot of bets. 1000 bets is not much.
5000+ bets only then the expected value is on our side.

your settings look pretty good. but the "time to start " you could drop a little (15h-24h I think is good).:+1:

you are good, just drop the “time to start” to 36 or 48 hrs and just increase the min value to maybe 2%…usually i would go with min3.5% - 5% but if you have just one bookmaker you can’t really be to selective, so i would suggest you 2 or 2.5 % min…and also i would increase the min odds to 1.35

About to go negative :neutral_face:

No point in increasing the min odds. Why couldn’t they be 1.01?

I follow your set bruh . I see your post so i try to follow it

Because when you put your money at risk, you want to have a bigger reward. Does that makes sense to you?

No it doesn’t because the risk is lower when the odds are low.

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Hey man should i turn off the overunder , soccer , tennis and basketball , bcs im keep losing on that

I recommend keeping everything selected. you just keep betting. and the result follows with a long run …:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah don’t turn anything off😁

Its keep going down :disappointed_relieved:

Dont know what went wrong .

@JAZ what are your current settings?

This is my current set

Its keep geting worst .

I would probably stop betting O/U, seems like 1xBet is winning on those. But the number of bets you have on them is not that large tho…

New update

As I said before, you need a lot of bets (1500 bets are not a lot)
also remember to upgrade your bankroll.:+1:

only 350 bets. yes i would keep everyone involved🙂

Still relatively new here, but:

Given that you have access to only one book, I think you are going to have a very high degree of variance. The current downtrend your on is very rough, but the math still works out the same.

I like to keep my time to match start lower than you do. Sometimes down to 12 hours. Especially when I have had an upswing, I do not want to potentially place bets on matches that will lead to a high degree of variance in value output.

Update :slightly_smiling_face: