Help me ,over 1000 bet but look like keep going down

your results are unusually poor. There will be downswings but your results seems exceptionally poor…
Do you bet from a phone or a computer?
How many bets would you say that you placed during the “downswing” (marked in purple)?

What is the setting on “Hide Bet after Placement”?

I bet about 140 bet, that maybe after u place a bet its hide all the same bet for all bookmaker

y need to found out why you are going down
filter out every bookie y are betting on

example unibet very good for match odds and overs/unders handicaps looks not so good

bet 365 very good but for match odds y need another odds range then overs/unders
and handicaps also

This is just very poor advice. The only reason why it’s going down is variance, since the CLV profit is going up.


when y think that then it is fine
but when i open the database and make a filter i will see the difference

Hello @vanleej2012, would you mind to share your stats and insights? I’ve seen few old posts of yours from the past and it seems you are doing better now, compared to back then. Maybe we all can learn a thing or two from you.

i see depends which bookies y will use bet 365 y can bet all markets
will be profitable but sbo will be only profitable in asian markets and overs/unders in soccer only in very long run
match odds y need to change the odds like 2.3-4 and edge 3.5 on soft bookies
but asian handicaps like 1.4-2.10 edge 2.2%

overs on soft bookies like 1.4-3.50 edge 2.20

but i am filtering it out via another valuebetting site

really shame y can not filter out the markets and odds/edge for one bookie
y need put everything in excel big job


What data is this based on? Seems like you are just making these things up

USE TMS Also can see in the big date base tool

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What is TMS? What is “Big database tool”?

Where can we see it?

TMS is another vbet webpage…think its name is tradematesports…they hava a big database tool where u can test your settings…GL!

that is correct… for that y can see y can not bet evey sports in the same setting or bookmaker

Thank you Colefer and vanleej

I also reckon the constancy of different difficulties in different book makers. BetMGM (Bwin/PartySports) ‘s basketball is easy! Bet365’s tennis is easy! However soccer on Bet365 is not so easy. Tennis on Betway is nightmare. Esports on 5Dimes is nightmare too recently. And the different characteristics of different bookmakers seem to be consistent! Any one to add?

BWIN only basketball
soccer -EV
Conclusion y can not bet every bookmaker all sports
best is y bet on everything papertrade everybookmaker put every game in excel and filter it out

i bet only bet365 and sbo bet via rebbel only soccer asian handicaps and overs unders

Can you share some pictures of the data that shows these things?

i do not know i can because it is so big EV information and from another site and expensive tool

Did you survive?

Unfortunately it looks like @JAZ stopped betting in June. :slightly_frowning_face:

These are the stats for all 1xbet bets since we last saw JAZ (June 23 → today):

And these are the stats for 1xbet all time:

And below are all bets for 1xbet grouped by sports:

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