Is RebelBetting Pro worth it?

Is RebelBetting Pro worth it?

Anyone that has gone from started to pro can confirm if the pro version is worth the increase in price, and how is it more valuable than the starter for value betting?

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Yes, the higher value bets are absolutely worth it, but you need a certain starting stake. I’d personally say, if you’re paying month by month, you need at least 4,000£ and be able to make at least 40 bets per day, 20 days a month.

I downloaded the tracker and if I filter all the bets with roi>7 in excel I don’t get big gains. In 8 months I have practically not even earned the difference in hours between the subscriptions. I only use bet365 though

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But do they really give you higher value bets? Or just access to more sportsbooks

Yes it is worth it!
But no need to rush.
Wait until they have a campaign/offer and then upgrade.

Naah… 2k£ / 2k€ is plenty.
And… Yupp… you must put in the time and get the bets down!

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absolutely yes, i started making some money only after switching from starter to pro

I don’t know if anything has changed since they merged subscriptions but for bet365 since July last year it hasn’t been worth it at all

That is not my experience at all. I am pretty much at an ATH, and that is mainly from B365.

instead my experience according to the tracker that I have downloaded and filtered in the last 10 months of bets says that with a roi greater than 7% I earned around €600, therefore much less than the cost of the subscription

that is a strange way of looking at it. The ROI depends on how much time and bets you put into betting. One thing that most successful bettors have in common is that they put down the time and effort that results in lots of bets and higher frequency of flipping he bankroll.
We have another thread here in the forum that asked the question “Can you double the money in three months?”.
Can you really double your money in three months? Yes you can! - Member Results - RebelBetting Community
The answer is yes.
You want to make more than 600€ in profit? Increase the bankroll and/or put down more bets.
BTW, this is my opinion. Take it, or leave it, or disagree with it but I shared it for the balance of the original post regarding the value of RB Pro.

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In fact I have doubled the money even in a month but without RB pro. After 8 months of poor results with valuebets with roi >7% since they raised the prices I abandoned the pro because it was unprofitable. Have you ever filtered your bets to see the gains of value bets with roi > 7%? I earned 12.000 Euros with valuebet from 3 to 7% and only 600 Euros with valuebet>7%

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No, I have not. Have not felt any need to do that.
It is great that you are doing the filtering and analyzing. That is why we requested the feature to be able to download our betting data.

Valuebets with >7% will obviously yield higher than <7%.

With an avg value of 7.1% and clv of 5.7%, i have a
flat yield of 4.6%, so YES from my personal experience higher value is worth it. As much as you don’t wanna hear this, i still have to say it “it’s just variance”.

Like @totrashbin01 said, wait untill they have a campaign offer so you can get maximum value for your money.

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After 5600 bets with roi>7% do you think it’s just variance? I don’t think so, I’m waiting for comments and from someone who isn’t a moderator and therefore not biased

@john_doe Biased?! So in your opinion a moderator must be biased?
NVM, I have given my replies on this topic and you can wait for additional “un-biased” comments.

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Having a look at many of the posts on here, I have to say a lot of you guys would make terrible poker players. The long term is extremely long: poker players consider their bb/100 (think of this as your ROI) as statistically significant after 100,000 hands!

Check out this variance calculator: Poker Variance Calculator - Primedope and see how utterly brutal variance can be. If anything, I think RB are a little too optimistic about the number of bets needed to achieve a statistically significant ROI.

Simply, if you’re CLV is 4% you will make 4% of your turnover eventually, but eventually could be a very long way off. Your job is to let the statistics do their thing and be smart with your bankroll. For example, you downswing from 5k to 4k, reduce your current bankroll to 4k so that kelly can take that into account. You swing back up to 5k, punch it in and kelly does the rest.

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look I’m not complaining about earnings. I have always earned more than my CLV but not thanks to bets with roi>7%.

Do u think theres more variance in poker than sports betting? I use to grind online MTT’s and the swings were pretty brutal.

Yes mate, i think there’s more variance in poker than sports betting. We have our edge defined here to the last decimal, we have staking calculated for us and other stuff to help out, makes sense to assume there’s more variance in poker than sports.