is something not quite right?

Hi All

I know value betting is the long game and I have no way placed enough bets yet however I don’t know if my settings are quite right and would like some opinion if possible as it seems to me I am getting way more losers than winners.

2 weeks in and I’m already down £112. I’m coming from matched betting so am already stake restricted on a few accounts but do still have a good selection healthy.

below are my results and current settings.

Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 18.01.14
Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 18.01.39
Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 18.01.58

Any guidance/tips greatly appreciated

Did you read the notice regarding sharps?


300 hours seems a bit high, Id consider lowering it to 48hrs…But your other settings are similar to mine. Ive 7 months experience and up overall, but have suffered a lot of “variance” as they say over the last 2 weeks also. …ie continually losing money… I honestly dont know how some people do it, but post on community claiming thy are profitting over this same period of time. I think th eWOrld cup and low quality tennis are the main cause of my downswing…and may be contributory to yours too

I have just looked at the stats for betfair. 34 out of 35 bets placed have lost.

Maybe I’ll remove them and see how we go by ‘sharps’ I’m guessing they are the biggest culprit?
Fairing slightly better on Smarkets and better still on Matchbook.

Yes, Smarkets still has a positive yield. Matchbook has fewer logged bets so it’s harder to know, but they might be EV+ as well.

So I am now over 400 bets I have removed Sharps/Exchanges from my filters and I would say things are getting worse not better. Is there something with my settings glaringly obvious I have wrong?

I do still have 2 weeks, 4 days, 10 hours left on my betting pro sub so time to turn it around before i’m looking at the free month :thinking:

Your settings are ok, why hide low tier leagues? Focus on volume and not account life/preservation as you will still get restricted so why not get the best out of your sub money by placing a lot of bets?

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That’s a fair point, I can try it with that unticked although I think I’m still getting enough bets come through with it ticked though. if the settings look about right I’ll just have to persevere. it just doesn’t seem to be any improvement despite taking out the exchanges/sharps.

Untick AFOB, untick “Hide lower tier” and raise max stake to at least 2% (I am usually at 4%). I prefer my sorting to be time to start. I find those values to be more robust and I can turn my money at a higher frequency.

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