Is the pro version worth it?


My question is if its worth it to pay for pro version or if the starter version is better (if you take account the cost/month).

I rarely gets valuebets over 7% and when I do get 7-11% maybe only 25% of these bets I manage to place before odds change. But even if you put this fact a side I am not even that tempted to place the bets because it feels like the bookie will limit very fast if you bet on these values.

Edit: I have checked and have between 10-13% of my bets places on higher value than 7%

Do anyone have any thought on this?

Aloha, i use pro simply to get access to the sportsbook at betfair.

All the best!

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Right now the average profits are almost exactly four times larger than the cost. Per month.

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Thanks for forwarding the answer, a great one. Seems like the numbers talk for them self. Will continue being an pro user, currently on 24% roi after 14 days so there is not much to complain about.