Negative Results After 3000 Bets - Improving


I have been using ValueBetting quite a while and I have been negative for almost all time apart from a few days in the start, I suppose I had some bad luck.
However, reading all posts here I trusted the long term results and I have kept betting.

I had reached almost a negative profit of 1000 EUR, and now I am around a negative profit of 300 EUR. Meaning that I have done a profit of 700 EUR since the very negative results and I keep going!

Hopefully I will be on the plus side very soon!
RebelBetting has been very helpful, I have tried to be consistent although it’s not easy to keep pushing a lot of bets every time, but the more you go the better the results will be.

I hope my results help other members as well.


Whats is yours stats?

I suppose you’re referring to these, here you go.

AVG odds Looks ok, what IS yours Max Stake? 1% of More?


the variance may be slightly larger.(2%)

I use myself 1.5%
Odds= 1 - 2.7

I see in the statistics that your profit level from Bwin is terrible :smiley:
Also for Basketball, Tennis and AMFootball.

I can suggest to remove those components from your filter and check what is the trend after some time.

wait a minute! how many bets do you make per day?

It depends on the day and the available value bets. I have days with 0 bets, others with 150, others with 20-30.

@IvanPlochev do you think so?
I can try it, but it will probably reduce the number of bets placed a bit.

Yes, of course the available bets will be reduced. Nevertheless, I really think it will make it better… Try it, even for two-three days to see what will be the trend.