Negative Results After 3000 Bets - Improving


I have been using ValueBetting quite a while and I have been negative for almost all time apart from a few days in the start, I suppose I had some bad luck.
However, reading all posts here I trusted the long term results and I have kept betting.

I had reached almost a negative profit of 1000 EUR, and now I am around a negative profit of 300 EUR. Meaning that I have done a profit of 700 EUR since the very negative results and I keep going!

Hopefully I will be on the plus side very soon!
RebelBetting has been very helpful, I have tried to be consistent although it’s not easy to keep pushing a lot of bets every time, but the more you go the better the results will be.

I hope my results help other members as well.


Whats is yours stats?

I suppose you’re referring to these, here you go.

AVG odds Looks ok, what IS yours Max Stake? 1% of More?


the variance may be slightly larger.(2%)

I use myself 1.5%
Odds= 1 - 2.7

I see in the statistics that your profit level from Bwin is terrible :smiley:
Also for Basketball, Tennis and AMFootball.

I can suggest to remove those components from your filter and check what is the trend after some time.

wait a minute! how many bets do you make per day?

It depends on the day and the available value bets. I have days with 0 bets, others with 150, others with 20-30.

@IvanPlochev do you think so?
I can try it, but it will probably reduce the number of bets placed a bit.

Yes, of course the available bets will be reduced. Nevertheless, I really think it will make it better… Try it, even for two-three days to see what will be the trend.

Before stopping to bet on a bookie, I would make a check on the last 20-30 bets on that bookie to see if you were properly beating the closing line (i.e. your CLV is positive most of the time).
If you beat the closing line 70-80+% of the time, then it means you are good, just stick to the betting strategy and the variance will turn at some point.
If you see however that you are indeed not beating often enough the closing line on that bookie, something might be wrong indeed.
You can check manually the final odd of a bet on oddsportal :wink:

As a side note, I personnally had excellent results on BWin on basket ball and baseball (but that was around 5 month ago as they ended blocking me).