New user first 2000 bets results


This is my 1st try at value betting, I have to say its a lot more fun than arbing.
I really like RebelBetting but there is a lot of sportsbooks available in my area(Canada) that are not on this site.
My settings are pretty standard :

After 1000 bets I switch to flat betting. I dont know if I have the optimal strategy maybe I should place more bets even if it will lower my CLV.
I have seen many different opinions on whether there is more value placing bets in advance or closer to game start what is the best option?

It is a fact, and not an opinion, that the closer to match-start the more accurate the bet is. Even RB writes that in their explanation of the CLV line.
Of course, it comes with a trade-off. There will be less bets available.

Okay thank you for your answer, is there a way to see the closing line value of a single bet?

2500 bets update :

So theres no way to see the closing line value of a particular bet?

If you have Pro you can download your bet tracker in Excel format and see the CLV of every individual bet.

If you don’t have Pro then I’m very impressed with your average Value figure!

Yes I have the pro version, it worked I can see the value for each bets, thx! I cannot see a patern for bets that have not close positive, how can i make sure to place less -EV bets?