Omitting Soccer from Bets


I was wondering if anyone has tried removing certain sports from their filters. I see that Soccer in particular has a much higher loss% than any other sport that I’ve done value bets on.

I’m currently -65% ROI overall but that’s only with around 500 bets so I imagine it will equal out as the quantity increases. Soccer has over the course of 250 bets lost about 14% of of the capital invested and I am considering if it would be a good idea not to do any more soccer bets. I would like to hear what opinion everyone here has.

Average value on the bets btw are 6.1%

Keep all the sports. Every sport and market is profitable

I also find Soccer very difficult. After over 600 bets, it’s still slightly in the negative. Basketball and tennis are way more profitable. I am also thinking about the options. The soft bookies will limit us anyway in the future if we win enough money. I am wondering if soccer is really the most difficult one in valuebetting in the big data analysis especially on Bet365. (after baseball, I’ve already turned off baseball.) I find the odds of soccer on Bet365 are pretty sharp.

Its weird…I am having most profit from Soccer (or Football :slight_smile: as we know it in the UK)…I am +6.6% , and struggling with Baseball -15.9%! Ive decided 2 days ago to ignore Baseball, and my profits are going better as a result. Same bets we all see, yet get different results…weird indeed

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That is simply just because you have waaay too few bets placed

Thank you for the above answers! I partly agree with the reason of volume. But, still, after 600 bets, there are more reasons behind if it’s still negative in soccer. Now, I am just thinking. Maybe, there are some settings to improve the results. 1, time to start of the match (<12-14 hours); 2, odds range; 3, pay particular attention to or avoid some leagues. For example, I found out that, there was a team of very bad run and form, but still the odds is around 2 to back them to win as visitors. And the results was they lost. I don’t mean they couldn’t win, but for odds like 2 or 1.91 to back them win is hard to understand the value! And similar examples like, AH -1.25 of two similar teams often results in half lost, AH +1.5/+1.75 of a very weak visitor team often results in lost or half lost.

Is there a season for Baseball? and maybe its just the start, and Teams are not into any settled pattern of form yet? Maybe Ive just begun at their start. Ive only betted because the rebel software threw up as a value bet.
I am new.
Baseball=72 bets @ £10 and £169 LOST…whereas Football 911 bets…£700 PROFIT…maybe the answer is staring me in the face… Not enough bets on baseball :slight_smile: )

You’re stressing a bit too much, which is completely understandable in the beginning, I did so too. Just keep betting and you’ll understand what I mean

Ive taken your advice…and will just follow the bets !

I considered doing something similar

At the beginning of the baseball season I missed about 70% of the over/under bets that MGM suggested.

Was totally ruining my profit for a few weeks. But eventually the numbers will correct.

Hi Keasbey!

Since removing Baseball Ive bottomed out , and have seen an upswing…YEAH…its got quite a way to go to put me back to where I was last Friday, but at least its not perpetually plummeting . Pyschologically its good to see the line heading north again.

Try to not evaluate your result too quickly, after just a few placed bets. Soccer is performing well.

You need more bets to lessen the impact of the variance, and we’re talking thousands of bets not just a few hundred. :slight_smile: