Only use SvenskaSpel?


I’m interested in starting to use your software to valuebetting. The problem is; I can only use SvenskaSpel because I’m limited on every other soft bookie. Will that still be profitable to only use SvenskaSpel? Could I get some data on previous valuebets placed on this bookie?

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All soft, are u sure?—>

I live in Sweden and here its an wierd taxrule if I use bookmakers that doesn’t have the Swedish license. So to correct myself; limited on all the bookies with Swedish license.

Ok, i found this.
SvenskaSpel - Sharp or Soft?

For me 95% of the bets are not possible to make, they are gone before i get the ding-dong. You gotta be prepared to take a lower price and if that is profitable i do not know. I am using the software more to keep track of the markets for trading etc, so i do not have any stats.

The last weeks and especially on weekends has been impossible. Everything is gone within 2 seconds, and some is gone long before the rebelbetting pick has arrived with me. Maybe Svenska Spel has implemented some kind of app themselves and is faster than Rebel? Or the system is lagging for me.

AD Guanacasteca - Sporting San Jose FC u2,5 1,82 is an example of a price that was long gone before the alert. I was thinking if u2,5 1,78 was any good so I had the page up for at least a minute, before the ding-dong said 1,82. Hard to use the tracking if so many prices don´t even exist when the alert is sent out.

Still the same problem on weekends, prices gone before the alert arrives. Svenska Spel trackrecord for sure is fantasybetting. Come on put the shit on turbo :slight_smile:

Now it has completly lost it, everything is lagging. Been so all weekend as well.

Yes, please read this. Hopefully they will fix it soon