Rebel Betting In Australia

Hello everyone,

So I subscribed to RebelBetting today for the first time excited to start getting into arbitrage betting after researching it for some time. I shortly realised that all 90% of the bookmakers they offered for arbing were not available within Australia.

I ended up filtering all the betting sites that were both available in Australia and on Rebel and I was given 5 arbing opportunities. This makes it extremely difficult to make reliable profit and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Rebel doesn’t even provide the largest bookmakers in Australia such as Sportsbet and Neds which really doesn’t help my situation.

Unsure if I’m doing something wrong but fairly certain I’m not, if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Maybe there is a way that I can verify my identity on sports betting sites that aren’t available in Australia without any suspicion.

Also one other thing. Does anyone know the support email for RebelBetting I’m trying to contact them but when I press contact now it doesn’t let me email them and it doesn’t show anywhere what there email is.


Hi mate,

Unfortunately most betting companies left Australia when the government changed the laws on tax on gambling companies a while back now. Very frustrating.

You should still be able to get a few arbs with unibet, ladbrokes, bet365 and Tab but volume is obviously an issue.

Maybe try value betting?

Well that leaves me fucked. I already have all those gambling companies you mentioned filtered and I get 4 arbs at best at any given time.

Hey Sozman,

You can use betinasia (as per their forum post). It doesn’t support AUD but does open a bunch of markets for you to use and you can also access pinnacle on there too.

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