Rebel Betting is a crap company

Before joining, ”Hanna” was very supportive, even promising one extra week on first month payment. After joining, not one single reply on many emails from me and no extra week, just charging 179 euros without any notice. No better than the shitty bookies. Shame on you Rebel Betting. Charge me once more and I will report you to police.

Hey, Chill.

What was the problem? You didn’t make a profit in the first month? Contact @Hanna and place more bets, it’s that simple, this’s unwarranted

sorry dude, but you probably need to indeed chill out a bit there. RB has always been very reactive either on that forum or via support discussion. Take it up with them in a constructive way and I am sure you can find a reasonable settling to this. But just make it constructive that’s all I can advise.

Hi @JGr, won’t this be related to this?

I don’t believe RB has that approach. Every problem can be solved, but not with this rhetoric.


We’re sorry but this seems to be related to the email system fuck up. I understand if you are disappointed and frustrated with not being able to reach us.

Please check your mail inbox now to see if you received the email I sent to you just a few minutes ago. You will of course be given extra time to your account.

We always answer all messages, so if you don’t get a reply after emailing us many times, then something is clearly wrong. However, the issue with the mailing system is solved now. :muscle:

I have also canceled your subscription as I understood that this was something that you wanted me to do. Sorry to see you go so soon!