Results - 2 Weeks In

This is going from bad to worse for me 2 weeks in.

Anyone any thoughts on where to go with it? Everything I have read says stick with it, the more bets you place the more profit.
I am getting the polar opposite results of this theory.


Hi, I recommend not to change the default settings from RB and move on. You have a harder start, but you train your mental side all the more. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is anyone winning this week?

Hi @P4P_Greatest,

I don’t know how the other guys are doing, but this is my current graph for 1W.


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Whats your settings?
How many bets you put on?

Latest update….

It gets worse still.

This has got to be the biggest load of **** I have ever come across.

If I read “keep going, trust the maths” and “just keep placing more bets” any more, my head is going to explode…. The more I place, the worse it gets….

I genuinely think at this stage I could have blindly picked matches with the average same odds and had a better outcome….

I did not adjust the settings, I trust RB. Do you mean how much I bet today or all the time?

yes how many bets?

Total so far 1528 bets, yesterday 140 bets. I plan to start a topic at the beginning of December where I will publish the results, for now I’m just testing RB.


I feel like im in the same boat as you, came to this from matched betting but just seem to be haemorrhaging money.
I have placed a lot less bets than you but on the same trajectory. the more I place the more I’m losing.

:sweat_smile:chill and place more bets is all i can say

Very frustrating… The maths makes perfect sense, yet the reality has just not worked for me. 2000 bets and shocking results, but what do you do… The bit i am struggling to understand is, everyone’s settings are very similar, so must all be getting similar bets through, so why such varied results?

Very difficult, when you see the results i have got. Definition of insanity isn’t it? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

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I haven’t gone on a losing streak this wild, i use flat stakes as opposed to kelly. As much as I don’t wanna admit, I’m a result centered person😅 like i can’t handle a loosing streak for a week, luckily i place lots and lots of bets(150 a day) as i dread variance. Just place bets bro, maybe top up your bankroll to 1k if you can and keep going, don’t disable any sport(you might be picky and place mostly on football, but don’t disable) use 1% of your bankroll on bets and maybe(personal preference)drop it to 0.5 on fri, sat, sun so you can have diversify by having 200 open bets.