Results from December 2022, ONGOING

These are my results after 6 days of value betting. Hope variance won’t hit me hard and I will continue in an uptrend. I posted my settings too if anyone will be wondering about those. Any feedback is welcomed!

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Nice amount of bets. I would raise the Max stake% to at least 3%. With 1.5% you are running more than half of your bets at flat staking. That is a likely reason why your flat yield is higher than your actual yield.

I’ll try that, thanks! I got a problem with Unibet, my main bookmaker, on some games I get an error when trying to place a bet, something like “Your stake is higher than the maximum allowed stake”and then the stake is automatically adujusted into a random lower stake, I don’t think I’m restricted because I only get this error sometimes.

That is the first level of limitations.

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:sweat_smile:yep, first step

I made a ticket to support and they told me some bs that their Trading Department accept or denies the stakes that are placed on a match. I was thinking maybe the restriction comes from using the “Bet” button that redirects you to the Unibet site and fills in the bet and stake but idk

What do I do if I can’t bet my full stake on a bookmaker? I bet only the amount that they allow me to or I exclude that bookmaker and don’t place any bets there?

If it is worth your time, you bet the allowed stake.
If it is not worth the effort, you cash out and say “Thank you very much”.
But I do not think you are there yet…

Yeah, but I was thinking what if I win the small stake bet on Unibet and lose the big stake one on other bookmaker, but in the long term there are equal wins and loses on the small stake…

I do not understand what you mean. Read through my previous reply carefully.
If your bankroll on the bookie is 5000€ and the maximum allowed bet is 2 to 5€ it will take 1000 to 2500 bets to put the bankroll into play… That is time and effort that can be spent on another bookie.

I mean if I use 2 bookies at the same time and on one of the bookies I bet 10€ and lose and on the other bookie I am restricted and only can bet 1€ and win, the loss will be much higger than the win resulting in an overall loss. But on the restricted bookie sometimes I can bet the full amount, sometimes only a fraction of it.

Just get another bookie then

There are only 4 allowed in my country from the bookmakers that rb offers from which unibet has the most games.

Try bet 365 or 5dimes

Not legal in my country (Romania). I’ve checked them all out

It’s an automatic system that doesnt let us bet what amount we want but I dont understand how it works yet, on some games I can bet how much I want on others I cant

Thanks a lot for sharing your progress! Keep up the good job betting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is an update after 12 days of using RB

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Great job getting in that amount of trades in 12 days

£200 down since I started 9 days ago. Scary. I’m now down to £8 stakes.