Running pretty good :)

Variance goes both ways.
Pretty good run for me the last few days, what do you think? :joy:

That’s is AWESOME!

You have a very good luck this week! Can you share a little bit please :joy:

Bjorn, can you share your settings and the bookmakers you are using please? My results unfortunately show the other side of variance!

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Nothing special really:

  • Odds 1,4 - 3,1
  • Value 1 - 10
  • Kelly 30%
  • Max stake 1%

Me either like acfuk have a bad variance. I hope it change soon.

How many bets have you placed so far?

I have placed 500 bets in 15 days. I know it’s too early to have a gain and I need to do more bets.

Try your settings like bjorn to see if that works

if not see if you can get a free month there is details on the faq how to get this or @Hanna may be able help

I did. I have the same bjorn’s settings.Now I also try to do a selection of value…I’ll exclude Asian football. And hope to see something

make sure you update the odds in rebel betting to reflect what you betslip says

sometimes the change on one but not the other so has to be near to true and change change the recommend stake

Yes I do this every time. From two days I have deleted AH and U/O and it works very well.

with betracker nearly 2000 bets, overall around 6000

Get prepair for the fall, it must correct itself…
very lucky indeed ;))

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