Sharing my suggestions after 10k bets on bet365

Hi guys, so 3 months have passed since my last topic and in the meantime i made 4k more bets for 2.5k more profit, using only 365 since here in Italy is the only one who allows decent betting with asian totals, handicaps ecc. so my writing may be more useful for my italian betting comrades. The exp i share is fully about making new accs on 365 and valuebetting on low-tiers from day 0. These are my results right now.
And here are the things i learned
1. New acc - new sim - new device
I don’t know if you can fully reset your phone deleting all data and it will work, i will test it later. But i do know for sure that if you log in with a previously used wifi or data connection your acc will be limited in 24h.
2. Don’t log into different accs from same device. Those accs will be banned, at least mine were completely banned after 1 day or so.
3. Don’t use docs of the same family members or people living in same adress twice for acc registration.
If your acc was limited and you use your family member/neighbour id for a new one, this new acc will die a lot faster, in my experience.
4. Don’t deposit big loads at once.
The acc will be limited in 24h, i guess the max safe deposit is around 400-500 eur.
5. Don’t use multiple non limited accounts at the same time.
In my exp once 365 will track you down they will limit every account you are currently using, even if you started it yesterday and the other one a month ago.
6. Your new account will live a month, more or less so try to make the most of it. Don’t think that if you bet less your acc will live more, in my experience they all died in a month, so don’t be afraid of betting more money, it will last the same month if you do 5 eur bets or if you do 50 eur bets.
7. Bet365 authenticator.
it’s a new feature in 365, in order to bet from browser you have to keep an app running which scans your geolocation, making sure you are in the allowed country to do bets. This app is bad, it want permissions for camera and geolocation, it doesn’t allow you to use developer options on your phone(for example to control your phone from pc) and it does know if you are using some fake gps apps.
I don’t think that 365 saves your locations, otherwise they would limit my new accs the same day i registered them.
For the fake gps there are some guides on the web on how to trick it. I can also add that the bet365 app doesn’t require the gps turned on to bet. I personally did bets from browser and from app and didn’t see any difference in accounts lifetime. I can also add that i had troubles making this app work on android 12.(Only 12, 11 or less and 13 work fine).
8. Don’t throw away your limited accounts.
You can still use them to do some value betting. I’m testing it right now, the average bet i can do is 4 euro. The limitation on the account is for a single bet, not for the whole match, so often you can place multiple small bets in the same match. For example A is playing vs B and there is a value bet on asian handicap. I can place a 4 euro bet on a +1, 4 euro bet on a +1.25 and 3 euro bet on a +1.5 making it a total of 11 euro from 1 acc. Of course it doesn’t make sense to bet from a single limited account, but if you have at least 3 of them, you can make some good profit.


Thank you @drth57 !
An excellent post! In Sweden the threshold to deposit is around 900€. I have actually done 4000€ on a few occasions… It lasted 2 and 3 weeks!

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Thanks for your post, keep going with more of them

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ciao anche io sono italiano posso chiederti degli aiuti in privato te ne sarei molto grato :pray:

Perche non hai fatto un mesggio privato?

Have Bet365 ever not paying because of this?

Hi! I’m also from Italy and I was considering whether to start. Anyone knows if the premium bookmakers are good for Italy? E.g. Pinnacle, BetInAsia…