Sharing my thoughts after being gubbed 2 times by bet365

Hello everybody, i want to share my experience in value betting with bet365, maybe it will help somebody on their way to get some money from bookies.
These are my results, 99% done on my first account. That one was my personal, old acc, i have also lost some money on it before, so it was true gold for this job and lasted for like 4 months. Between value, sure and casual betting i managed to withdraw like 6k and got gubbed after that. Shortly before being gubbed i received a message from bet365(3 times) that was saying that i was online too much, in fact i was always logged in from like 7 am to 11 pm.
On the second account i used everything new(phone, sim ecc). Started with sure betting in order to do some bank turnover, and a little value betting on major leagues. On this account i was never logged in, pushing the logout button after every bet. In a month i managed to “lose” 1.5k, transferring them with surebetting and a little trading on other accounts. My thought was that as long as i lose money bet365 will not care on what i am betting. Incorrect :smile: Got gubbed after like 150 value bets. Now i’m thinking to find and buy a losing account from real people, friends maybe and check how long will it run. If you have any suggestion for me please share, thank you.

Welcome @drth57 and thank you for sharing.
That would be the holy grail to figure out how to maximize the value extraction from the soft bookies.
Just for the information for the whole RB community - be aware that the forum is wide open for anyone that registers with an e-mail address. Today we have no way of vetting the members. I am not trying to instil paranoia but It is possible for representatives from soft bookies to become members and to troll the community.
That goes pretty much for all main sites and FB groups.

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Ah man that sucks to hear man, I will have a new fresh account tmr I hope I won’t fuck it up.

Did you make sure that the phone you used never signed in to your old account?

Did you make sure you where using incognito mode ?

Did you make sure you where never even connected to your wifi at home ?

Did you make sure you didn’t deposited like 1k at once ?

Did you make sure you didn’t started betting placing value bets with 20/25€+ stakes ?

Sorry for al this questions but the truth is my first bet365 account only got limited after 5k€ in profit and that account was also a fresh account that I never used before and only used it to place value bets.

The 2 other accounts I made where on a new sim but not on a new phone, I also started placing 25-30€ bets immediately and I’ve deposited 1k at in 1 time. (they only lasted until 800€ profit)

So the only difference between the accounts is that I used a fresh brand new phone, I also started with small bets (not more than 10€) until I doubled my money from 1k to 2k then I started with 20€

I will have a fresh account soon and will take all the possible precautions, will let you know how it works out

Hi, the phone i used was 100% dedicated to betting and nothing else, i didn’t use incognito mode. Speaking of deposits, i made a 500 euro for 3 times, after losing it i made a 1500 one, got gubbed the very next day :grinning: The amount of a single bet was random, from 15 euro to a max 700. On value i was betting from 25 to 40. Thank you for the answer anyway, so you are saying there is a way to make some money on brand new clean accounts by betting very low and making tiny deposits? How much did you deposit on that first account?

Yes that’s the proven way to go about extracting max value from new accounts. Start with small deposits, small stakes and buildup from there.

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I have been doing this for about 4 or 5 months now.
Is an old bet365 account but it is a gubbed one, not restricted just gubbed.

I have been a £5 and £10 bet kind of guy with the odd £20 and £30 for hot favs.

I am currently over £2k up with about 7k bets.

I have not had to deposit since my initial £200 I think it was.

I do the odd accumulator on football I also do bets to try and move the money to smarkets so removing the need to withdraw.
That’s not going great lol but I have never withdrawn yet.
So far, account is okay.

Why it is okay is anyone’s guess, but maybe some of the above is helping :thinking:

Good luck

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Low staking accounts tend to last longer from my experience. Starting a new account with $10 stakes sure buys one 2-3 weeks.

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In fact, there are no doubt bookies doing that as well as utilizing the rebelbetting software to gain leads. I wouldn’t post too much info about individual accounts if you want to stay active longer. I think that making too much too fast will lead to your quick removal.

Let me see if I got this right - you managed to earn 2k even with a restricted account?

I’m actually doing something similar where I have four limited accounts, and I simply place the same bet four times. The bet amount may be 10€ in total, but sometimes I can wager even more based on market liquidity.

Despite this, I still manage to earn an average of 500€ per month per account. I initially thought that they would restrict me completely once I hit 1k profit, but it seems like they don’t really care.

My account is still fine. I started with 200 and got it to 1000 without any issues. This was about a year ago

I then lost it all betting on my own personal bets so I might have a good account to restart value betting with.

I will keep you guys updated.

Bet yes from my general understanding. Keep stakes low. Once they are high then you get flagged and frequent big deposits will also get your account looked at