[Solved] Bet365 valuebets down?


Im doing some valuebets, most of the games from Bet365. But this whole morning not a bet has come up. Is it something wrong? Bad day to have issues, holiday is the best day.

You people who plays Bet365, do u get any games from there on valuebets?

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It’s the same for me :frowning:

Fack… and admin seems to be back on Monday? Not good at all…

Guys, do u still have problem with Valuebet and Bet365?

Yes the same here for two days

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OMG and they just fixed 888sport and that took nearly 2 month

No, they have bet365, but haven’t worked for two days now and we are paying lot of money. Weekends is one of the best days… This is not good at all, and support doesn’t even answer…

it’s been like that since friday

Hi! Sorry guys, we’re looking into this and hope to have them back soon, within a day.
I’ll notify you when they’re back. Sorry again for the inconvenience!


Hi… In Italia bet365 doesn’t work until now. There are some good news? It’s my favourite bookmaker.

Hi! I’ll make sure to notify you when we get Bet365 back. Thank you for having patience.

Have understand that now. But it has gone FIVE days now, not just that, under the weekend we got no info at all. So bad support, I expect more from u guys when u charge us the amount of money u do for your program. Pretty funny that u raise the price for the product and it’s not finished working yet…So what’s next? The system haven’t worked for five days as I told u, so do I pay for these five days and get nothing for return?

I want answers and updates please or people is going to finish their subscriptions for sure.

I thinks you should give us a gift…

We’re very sorry about this. We understand that Bet365 is a very important bookmaker and getting them back is top priority for us. I’ll make sure to notify you when we get them back.

Please note that the odds coverage may decrease temporarily due to changes outside of our control. We strive to have everything running smoothly, and work hard to get the odds back.

Again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Bet365 is back now! :grinning:

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I have been in sportsbetting about 15 years and i think that Rebelbetting(value betting) is the best system with very good support. Reason why i write is Akpinar7.
Akpinar7 - You should shame yourself and your behave. Bet365 made big update in their site and i think thats the reason for problems (program can never be ready and complete). I think they didnt answer you because of weekend and hundreds of winers like you.They have better thinks to do than answer your stupid comments.
Thanks Rebelbetting!!!

Wow, fun for you. Who feeded you with €1 to open your mouth? Shamed for what? It’s not that I have the program for free or like beta. First of all, i have never said that their system is bad, then I wouldn’t be here. I have never said is their fault that Bet365 is down. I was frustrated because they never INFORMED us that Bet365 was down for Rebelbetting. When people pay for something a product or service then you have the “right” to have some expections on the product/service. I have talked to them personally and they know exactly what I’m talking about and they said themself that they made a mistake to not put a note or something that the service is down. Thats all I wanted! So, mind your on business and good luck with your betting.

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Be kind and courteous to each other guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just calm down. And no ones feeding me. I dont understand that why they have to inform everytime when some bookies are down?

I dont have any value bets for bet365 all day. Is it disappeared again?