Some feature suggestions


Thank you for a good service so far. Some features I’d like to see in value betting:

  1. CLV to tracker rows, for each settled bet, to see what works, what doesn’t
  2. Way to export tracker history (e.g. CSV) to be able to use own tool if doing other bets also etc
  3. When “value disappered”, show reason e.g. if it was that the bet offer was removed completely, soft odds changed, hard odds changed…
  4. Way to adjust stakes formula per bookmaker. I agree that in theory should use same formula for all, but in practice there are limitations, or sometimes you want to start with lower stakes with new booker etc
  5. Way to see total turnover per date range (in reports)
  6. Sports: Darts, snooker, table tennis, volleyball, handball …
  7. Bet types: regular handicaps, both to score, corners …
  8. Booker: Veikkaus (yes it’s finnish only but you have SpenskaSpel also :wink:



Thanks for the suggestions Pete!

1, 2 is on our todo
3 will probably not be implemented (too much work, little value)
4 We might improve our filter system in the future. But it’s tricky to balance complexity with ease of use.
5 This is already implemented, if you mean Reports (not BetTracker). Check the top left corner.
6 Do you know of any particular sport where there’s a lot of value?
7 Possibly, it’s a matter of work vs reward. I doubt corners will deliver many value bets, but I might be wrong!?
8 Veikkaus is planned pretty soon. They don’t limit players, same as SvenskaSpel. We need to (ab)use this :wink:

  1. You need too arb(use) this :wink:


  1. Maybe it’s me but still cannot find how to see total turnover. I can see it by booker but not total.
  2. From that list I would put table tennis and handball first
  3. I think there is value in (at least) BTS, 3-way handicaps and also, corners (1x2 and o/u). This is based on trying a competitor…
  4. Good. Please hurry :wink:

Keep up the good work,

  1. I agree to add some more sports. I would suggest handball, volleyball for starters and individual sport like table-tennis can be considered but not sure how many markets and matches we can have.
  2. Considering more markets is a good way to move forward.

There’s a few more that I want to suggest:

  • Time when value bet shows up on my list. If I open “Bets” in the morning there are 30-60 bets and I want to know which are sitting there for how long. Value bets can become obsolate over time or in other words outdated. You have this feature incorporated in the arbitrage software.

  • Make the bookmaker field editable. It can happen that a bet belongs to 10Bet and it’s not available there anymore but at Bet365 I can play the bet. In this case I would change the bookmaker from 10bet to Bet365. This improvement would make the UI more friendly.

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