Surpassed 1000 bets in 18 days - Results update

Hi All,

New user here currenlty on a trial. I have just passed the 1000 bet mark today which is supposed to be a decent number of bets to give you an indication of how things are going.

Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed. I have geberated over £1000 in EV and at one point a week ago was over £1000 in profit. I knew this was over achieving and expected a regression to the EV?? This has just been loss after loss after loss. I’m now almost £200 down.

Now I know this is early as you ideally want several thousand bets in, my issue is the time it has taken to place all the bets, also a lot of my edges are over 4-5% which worries me even more. I would love to see how these bets faired to the closing lines and to see how much (if any) value I was achieving?

Anyway, I’m undecided as to carrying on or not? I have attached the settings and profits figures to this post. Any feedback would be appreciated.



It surely seems like you had a rough start, sorry about that. Still, the variance can be tough, especially when you have very few bets. Please contact me on our website chat or send me an email to and we’ll analyze your results further.

Thank you, I have sent you an email.

Also read here about the importance of quantity. 1000 bets is not much.

Thanks Simon, appreciate your input. As you say, after many more bets I will get a better picture of how things are going. There has been an improvement since I passed a 1000 bets and look forward to updating once I pass the 2000 bet mark.


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Maybe better to bet with odds arround 2

I have 15k bets. Not affilitated with the site or anything, it will pay… but you should be diligent. Try at least have 5 bookies, and make, at least, 30 bets per day.