The inevitable happened

That is the something most of us will experience sooner or later…
It starts with the occasional “A trader must approve a 400€bet” or maximum allowed bet is 179,23€ or similar.
A day or two later you can only place puny 2€ bets.
And finally a mail:
"Efter en översyn av ditt konto från våra traders, måste vi dessvärre meddela dig att även fast våra onlinetjänster förblir tillgängliga kommer restriktioner att gälla för framtida spel du placerar och funktionen Stäng spel är inte längre tillgänglig för dig.
Vänliga hälsningar,
Emily Br
Team bet365"
I am still very happy. I have used VBPro for 3 months and made over 13.000€ on B365
Have a great summer everyone and all the best to the RebelBetting team!.


Great job! Did you bet on all markets and all sports? What min value did you choose?

Have a nice summer!

On B365 it was initially all markets and all sports. Last few weeks I skipped Basketball, Hockey, Rugby and AF. After almost 1000 bets on Basketeball it was still losing money. While the rest was to “distracting”, meaning I had to re-orient myself to the betting on that sport/market. Focus on the easy ones, Tennis, Soccer and E-sport.
Min value between 3.8 and 4.2 depending how many bets were available and my remaining bankroll.

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Allright thank you! Actually I came to the same conclusion with the sports. Maybe I should increase the min value then. I haven’t been successful since June started. Just been going sideways.

I am hopeful for when the big leagues starts again.

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Are you on the pro or starter plan?

I am on the Pro plan.

What markets do you have enabled / disabled, odd range? I have sports: Tennis and soccer with only asian handicap and win

Soccer, tennis and e-sport. All markets on those (they are all profitable) except for EH (almost never any bets there anyway).
Odds 1.4-4.0

You currently don’t bet basketball?

Who? me? I do not bet on basketball. Maybe I will try again based on your analytics and advice on the basketball that you had in an earlier post.

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Sadly im at -50% ROI. I probably got the biggest %ROI loss in this community and have avg odds at 2.31 with high avg as 7.51%. Crazy is how all is from bet365 (everyone says bet365 gives most value bets).

Your high avg value with low closing ev(not low but low compared to the high avg value placed) signifies one thing, your time till match start is long right? Let me guess 30+ hours?

Most of these matches were 24h or under. Very few like 10 bets were 24h+ → tennis with 10%+ value. I had match start 30h setting

If you aren’t that busy try lowering it, my main preset is 6 hours under with 3%min value. Secondary preset is 7hours -36 with 6%min value


What amount of stake would you put on 1 bet?
Can you post your settings please?

What your min and max odds?

1-2.2 on weekends (2.8 on weekdays)

Maybe if you share your settings he community can give advice…?

Do you have data that supports the impact of the time to start of the match?
RB claims that it is not significant… TMS claims that it is…