Think I may cancel after first month until software is worth the money!

This software is a great idea and i am sure alot of people have made a lot of money, but lets be honest, we are literally handing them £160 in the hope that we get lucky and win some money.

We have some options to help us, but the reality is we do not know what effect they have on our profit loses because the reporting on here is so bad.

It is so much money to spend on basically guesswork.

Until the reporting is up to scratch, i think i will see the month out and wait until i hear it has improved.

Luckily i got pro for half price for the first month otherwise i would be very slightly in profit, but the time taken to JUST get into profit is not worth it.
I have done 1000 bets just about so far which if my maths is correct, has taken me 33 hours to do only to make basically nothing.

I am not really into guess work which is what this is at the moment. Even though i have done 1000 bets, i should now be able to make informed decisions rather than ticking every box and hope it works.

So i hope the developers stick to their promise and get reporting upto the standard £160+/Month deserves

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Lol, I’m speechless because you didn’t even know what you were getting into in the first place, no research, no nothing, you just felt like spending $160 and seeing if you make double in a jiffy :sweat_smile:well sorry it didn’t go as planned.

Valuebetting is LONG-TERM

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I don not even know where to start to reply…
Good luck in your future endeavours.

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What on earth are you talking about?
My complaint is the reporting just like lots of others are complaining about.
How would i possibly know what the reporting is like without spending the money?
I expected more than the trial which i did for a while.

I have already told the support i feel the trial should be of the full version so people know EXACTLY what they are getting.

I now know, that the software is not upto the value of the subscription based on reporting.

I am using it to guess me a win whilst probably losing my accounts until i know what settings i would like based on REAL data.

You say you are speechless yet went onto not be speechless lol

If they sort the reporting out, i wont be going anywhere, but if not, then i will wait until they do!

Watchu mean by real data? Analytics and a breakdown of your result or what?

Let me ask you, how do you make informed decisions about what your filters are?
How do you decide what odds you will take?
How do you decide what sports work and what do not?
You said something the other day on another thread that 1.9 is a sweetspot for odds, i think it was that anyway, how do you know?
You can’t possibly know from the reporting, you can’t possibly know from the csv downloads as none are simply not there and they should be when you are dealing with such a lot of data even at only 1000 bets there is quite a bit you can learn from.

So, why is my request for this before i spend so much money to a company i have only just come across so confusing to you and one that obviously annoys you?

You may not want it, but there are plenty that do

I can see all viewpoints here, but I just want to say one thing in defence of RB staff…at least they allow people to air their views, both +ve and -ve! Im a member on another site ( which I paid an annual sub to , and cant get a refund, and definitely wont be renewing) and when you post on their Community FB page they vet it 1st, so nobody can air criticism.

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First off, i don’t use rebel betting at the moment, i use another vb software, secondly, any preset i give/recommend or anything i say on this forum is backed by research. If you want right now, i can send you a csv file in which the flat yield, average Edge placed, average closing edge, of football, basketball and tennis have been recorded over 5 years (2017-2018)all with samples of more that 150k bets, this sample is just for bet 365

I don’t have an issue with RB Staff at all.
It is also not against the law for me or anyone else to think that we are not getting value for money either.
I am sorry your experience on the other is not as good.
I think once a few more things are added to this software, it will likely be worth every penny, but right now, i need more info to be able to make informed decisions about how i lose my Bet365 account lol

Nahh, rebel can’t provide or help with that, if they say otherwise then they lie. I think what rebel lacks is just the ability to provide users deep insights on their results eg closing ev for each bet, presets for each sport


So let me get this straight! You are having a go at me for not wanting to spend £160 on what i consider sub standard software (Reporting wise) whilst you do not use the system lol
You say you are speechless but that takes the biscuit.

Next thing, you have this data, how? Using a bit of software that allows you that data I am guessing?
SO again, you are having a go at me for wanting what you are currently have?

Last thing, 2017 - 2018 is not 5 years lol. Yes I know it is a typo, just pulling your leg lol


@paulwilko10 I think that once you make a long term profit, your bet365 account will not last. With or without RB. :slightly_smiling_face:

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no doubt about that i am sure.
But i would rather lose it by giving it my best shot rather than pure guesswork.

:sweat_smile:Well you got me there

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I hope your data is better lol :slight_smile:

Look if it’s insight on your results you want then fine, but like i said no one can help or do anything about your accounts, you should’ve made that clear when you started this article.

A sample of more than 150k bets isn’t luck🙂

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Purely insights on my results, that comment about the Bet365 account was purely sarcasm that was lost in translation it would seem.

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Absolutely not and i am glad you are doing well, but you are not guessing your bets, you have data and are using it to make informed decisions about how you spend your money, it is all i want!
I assume at some point Rebel will get that sorted, but until then, i may not be around.