Update Every Month

Here I will update my results every month.
First is from 1 month with 1 week of free trial. It is a good but slow start.
I was also restricted on BWIN after 3 weeks with barely any bets placed.

What I do is place most of my bets on Tennis and Soccer. For soccer I only place them in 1st leags of every country or any league in England and Germany. I also place bets when they come on NBA, NFL, MLB and one in a while some Hockey in finland or other countries.


Thanks for sharing your current result! Keep up the good job betting.

What bookmakers have you used and what are you currently using? :slight_smile:

I am placing most of my bets on Bet365 and quite some on unibet. I also had an account on Bwin I used to bet(not much) but is was restricted fast. I also manage to get some bets on Nordicbet(problem is that there are not so many with starter version, maybe 4 a day, and half are actually different drom the site itslef). I also have mrgreen but that is a copy of unibet (same bets)

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