Updating every week using VB Pro

Im a Cloud and Infrastructure Engineer student on my last year. Im also 22 years old greek guy living in Sweden. On this topic i will update my results everyweek using the Valuebetting Pro.

First week and some days with VB Pro. So far its going good. I got a small balance since im actually just trying it out. Will probably put more cash soon.

Can you share your specifications and the bookies? Did you bet on brokers too?

Bookies and my settings. Mostly is Cambi and BET365.

I found out that the key is to have as many bets as possible. Since the days i got under 40 bets of the day is the day i got most of my losing days. Days that is over 65+ bets i get profit. So im trying to get as many bets as possible with 2.8% value also the 72h is moved to 48h outside international break. On the weekends i used 12h.

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It´s so impressive! Congrats! And what about brokers like asianconnect, betfair etc…??? Did you try to bet on?

How do you structure your spread of cash over those bookmakers?
Do you keep a couple of thousand SEK in each one or do you deposit as you make a couple of bets?

Im from sweden and we are kinda limited when it comes to some betting sites. Some of them dont have licenses etc. I dont use betfair or assianconnect.

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Hello, I was kinda sure that bet365 is gonna have the majority of the bets. So i put more than 60% of my bankroll on bet365. 20% on kambi(unibet), and 20 % spreaded around on the rest. Svenskaspel,Nordicbet etc.

If i need more cash on any of the bookies i just withdraw with Swish and i can instantly put them on the other bookie.

Okay, very nice.
Have you found yourself getting bet-restricted at any bookmakers?
I just started value betting myself and after just 41 bets placed i have found myself being bet-restricted by Unibet.

It all depends on how many cash you bet per bet. In my case i only bet average 33 SEK (3.3 euro). Which is kinda low to get limited. Of course i can get limited in the future. I know some people that are betting 1500 average per bet. Their account is getting limited in DAYS.

Alright, that may explain a bit. Have been betting like 25 euros per bet - worked out pretty well so it took like 3-4 days for me to get restricted.
Probably wiser to scale down to 5 euro per bet when i get the deposit to work on Bet365.

Nah, You will get limited anyways. Just try to profit as fast as possible and then just buy or lend a account from a friend. Keep with ur bankroll. You will get limited soon anyways even if its 5 euro or 25. Im just a student so i dont have 25000 SEK to put on invest, yet.

Sorry for a bad update. I had a really bad start to the week with almost -700 SEK. Let’s try to get it back. I realise that the most of the loses was Ice Hockey on U4.5 where the odds is almost always 2.90+. I dont know how i can solve that. Any tips?

It’s the same with the U4.5 Hockeygames for me. Maybe we should stop taking those for a while. How many times a day for how much time do you place bets? Do you use the kelly criterion or do you always place the same amount of money?

I want to remind you to not change settings too early on, when you have few bets placed. You need a lot of data to be able to draw any conclusions from your result. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got kelly at 30% also i bet 50 games on the workdays and 100 games on weekends.

The U4.5 hockey results are usually in the 2.80 - 3.00 range, so it’s important to understand there will be a decent amount of variance with them. They seem to be consistently 10%+ value, so would recommend betting on them whenever they appear.

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True, I wont take them away since its actually valuable on the long run.

The probability of winning is too low so the I don’t bet on odds over 2.5 because of that.

I was losing money myself and figures that those odds pay great 1/3 of the times . On the long run it could work but I wish to stick to the value bet under 2.5 .

One question to everyone out there reading this also. How much pending bets is ur maximum? I often have like 100 pending bets and i keep betting. Is that good or bad according to you?