Value bets sportmarket

how i can make profits on sportmarkets the odds are lower then the alerts
alert 1.84 sportmarket 1.70
what we do then we avoid to bet?

can not find 1 trade on sportmarkets with the same value alerts odds?


This is exact my question, I tried some time ago, If I made 5 bets there, it was a miracle… I got my money out… Same thing in BetInAsia.

So, if the DEVS have some tips, I would appreacite it.

Same here. Out of 20 alerts I get maximum one in properly, maybe two more to lower but still profitable odds, and the rest just goes into the dustbin.
Guess it´s about speed, but I´ve really, really tried. Software isn´t the most user friendly either …

Yep i confirm this as well checked around 40 bets in the last hour and onlysaw 2 where the odds hadnt changed and the volume was so low it wouldnt be worth it in sportsmarket just now.


We are aware of the issues and are investigating this further. Sorry for the inconvenience!

But thanks for having patience regarding this.

how can i chage to get alerts 1-2 hours before kick off

Any improvements in regard to Sportmarket & BetInAsia odds/lines accuracy. With only those two sharp books available, it is not only nice to have, but a must to have accurate odds as well as correct bookmaker links which work, so those can get placed automatically. Current state of those two books are unusable, and that’s an observation after just one day of usage. Hence, this must be treated with high importance otherwise this value betting doesn’t make any sense when it comes to sharp books, especially not at that whooping price when you actually can’t place any wagers at all.

Hi guys … can someone check the sportsmarket pro lines please ive only hit 1 in my last 40 trades???