Value Betting Is not producing very much CLV

Is there anyone whose actually making legitimate money value betting?? Meaning somewhat close to 30% ROI per month like the product is advertised??? I’ve placed around 200 bets and my CLV is not even close to what it should be based on that metric. Then in the chats it seems like everyone is saying that they’re losing money or making very little money long term. Where is the 30% returns per month coming from??? And how do you get close to those returns?

Im at -52% ROI after over 500 bets. Deposited 10k SEK again and praying for a comeback. I keep getting losing streaks on high values (stakes are high).

Yeah that sucks hope you get your money back… I’m not that worried about my actual profits though my main concern is the fact that my CLV is so low

Yeah, I am losing money daily. I dont know what to do.

It seems like there’s a lot of bets under 2 percent value from rebel betting that are failing to beat the closing line. For the most part it looks like most bets over 2% beat the closing line. Some sports books let you cash out your wager as long as the event hasn’t started. If I’m betting on any of those books I’ll bet values under 2 and then check to see if the line moves in my favor before the event starts and if it doesn’t I’ll just cash out my bet. If it’s a Sportsbook that makes you pay a penalty to cash out early then I’ll only bet values above 2%. Maybe that will help raise my Ev, but if that doesn’t work I’m out of answers.

  1. Time consuming
  2. Cash out 10 times on bet 365 in a day for 10 days and ur likely to get restricted within the blink of an eye
  3. Increase min value to 3% and focus on volume
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200 bets is nothing, I do 200 bets a day during weekends. You need to monitor rebelbetting the whole day leaving it in the background and betting as soon as the signal arrives.

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I know 200 bets isn’t enough to necessarily reach ev… that’s not my concern my concern is that the amount ev I’m told that I have isn’t worth reaching

200 hundred bets is not enough even to consider ev money. You could even be ev negative on such a small example. Do 2000 bets and come back.

Yeah, I’m not just losing money on the real profit, but also my CLV profit is going down instead of going up… I’m using 1xbet and bet365

There was a period in my RB when after 500 bets, both my CLV and profit hardly increased and i was significantly below my CLV. Now at +4k bets I can say that it has normalized and suggest you the same as in the previous comments that focus on volume, value 3%+.


See previous comments. Note that successful bettors do not agree on every single betting strategy or setting… but we agree on the bog “picture”.
I am at +1000% ROI (on initial bankroll and including subscription cost) after 7 months active betting.
But hey, I get it that it can be tough and then you have a bunch of anonymous posters saying how great the product is…

what settings do you have?

Start date is 48hours from sunday evening to friday morning. After I reduce it sometimes to 12hours if there are lots of bet.

Stake is calculated by myself:
Odds: 1.4-2.3; Value: 5%<; start date: 24h less
Then stake is X (its the maximum) and I do not use open bets adjuatment.

If the odds is higher or the value is less than 5%, then I reduce my stake according to it. My lowest stake is X/2 e.g. 2.62 odds, 3% value, 36h start.

This might be relevant.

Why did u disable basketball?

You probably know this already but your competitors(?) at TMS have also had a “sideways” if looking at the CLV.

Watchu mean sideways? I’m currently having a bumpy ride with almost half of my bets turning sour

Ok this at least proves it’s a global effect in the market, not a product-specific problem.

Yes it is, my clv has been just flat/straight(i use tms)