Value betting on sharp bookies as pinnacle worthwhile?

I read value bettors get limited or restricted very often on the European soft bookies. Before I start with the software I would like to know if it is worthwhile to only use sharp bookies for value betting or is the amount of value bets to low over there to turnover a decent amount to make some decent profits?

There is basically no value bets for pinnacle on Rebelbetting. Most likely Pinnacle is used as reference.

That being said I have had quite nice success with SBO with bit over 2% yield and almost 1500 bets.
I hear that around 2 % is achievable for sharps and there seems to be fair amount of bets available for Betfair exchange as well but I have not tried those too much yet

I am resided in Belgium so a lots of bookies are restricted here. currently I only have access to Bwin and I have a betinasia account where I can play on pinnacle, 18BET Betisn and black.
I noticed betinasia is added to list on rebel betting but I do not know if it involves the bookies you can access through betinasia or the ‘black’ product

I have placed few bets through BetInAsia. Everything except IBC are available for me through Black account. I live in Finland.

Unfortunately IBC is the bookie that rebel betting shows value bet odds and IBC is no longer available in Black account

I have found few esport value bets from sing2 and some value bets from exchanges but no value bets yet for pinnacle.

Hi, kindly educate me on the black account things,
I live in Biafra, a state under subjugation by the British created contraption called niggarea.

You can send me always a private message here in the forum. I would be willing to help you out

SBO hasn’t been up on the black account lately. I saw a message that SBO has been limiting accounts like the soft books. Disappointing.

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