Value Betting Starter - First few days

These have been the results on placing a lot of bets over the last 4 days now. Using Bet365, Unibet, Betsafe and Paf. Will be updating the results! Had a rough start but now it’s starting to pick up again. If there are any tips that you would give me, I’m happy to hear them :slight_smile:


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You are off to a good start. I would consider raising your max bet %.

:ok_hand: raised it to 1%, thank you!

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Should I put on ‘‘Adjust for open bets’’ ? So far I have had it off and made all the bets the same size or a little less depending on the odds. I’ve looked at the community, some say keep it on but the majority have it off? Does it really matter?

I leave if off, I make a lot of my bets on Sat/Sun, bet size seemed to get reduced relatively quickly.
If bankroll is an issue I might leave it checked, and just make bets that are closer to my max.

Im in a negative trend since 5 days :frowning:

You are not alone! We are all working off the same data. I try to focus more on the clv number, i know if that keeps growing so will my wins. Still frustrating.

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The past few days have been good. Doing 10 EUR stakes now.
good week

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This it what makes me Depression seeing all your Results

Avg stake sounds small and your clv is close to zero. Settings? Ant habits?

My settings

Filters? If you can maybe consider not adjusting for open bets

My Filter i think its ok

I have adjust for open bets off and I have the stake at 1%

Hope this will Work its going down since 2 weeeks im at Minus 60 Euro

Let’s hope, the start for me was also bad. :+1:

Clv Yesterday went Up but my Profit continued going down

Guys, stop flip flopping with your settings. Stick to something and place as many bets as you possibly can, updating bankroll accordingly. Come back to me once you’ve placed over 3000 bets and I bet you’ll be much happier.

I don’t update the bankroll, maybe soon will but so far 1000+ bets no

I would use 3% min value and 1.3 or 1.4 odds until 2.5 or whatever fits your variance range

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