Value Betting Starter - First few days

I update my bankroll when BOTH CLV and actual returns gain 100. At just over 2000 bets I am finding the rebel platform quite good. I am making a lot of bets on NBA player props on another platform also. This is the best time of the year.

A small update. Nearly at 2000 bets now, decided to update the bankroll and I am now doing 11-12 EUR bets on average. Last few days have been good!
valuebetting update
valuebetting update2

Today was absolutely horrendous, almost 80% of the bets made lost. Peaked at 580 EUR yesterday to now 270 EUR :joy:

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How is it going with tennis for you guys? I’m honestly considering never betting on it again. First it’s doing bad but the worst part is that my players opponents retire the match so much. I have had this so many times and none of them go my way, in football or basketball something like that mostly won’t happen. It has been really shaky.
huge falls

Tennis was Bad fit ne also

Below you can see stats for tennis the last three months, where the Yield greatly outperformed the CLV:

And these are the results for the last 30 days :astonished::

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Are you sure you meant tennis? You have almost 9% yield on your tennis bets :man_shrugging:t2:

Where can we see These numbers

Okay i found it
For ne AH is the worst part

Yeah I know, if you take it like that sure, we can say that my American football yield is 21% and baseball 50% (they really are), but tennis has made the graph the shakiest. Usually you don’t feel too confident when you see big drops, you start to think what if it gets worse and worse. The thing I don’t like at all is the players retiring, when they do that your bet is cancelled and money given back. Some players do that on purpose, I have watched the games live, they quit in the end when you are about to win. Sportsbooks should make it if the person quits you still win. Unibet used to do that in the past, but something like that won’t happen with other games.

Hey! Yeah Asian Handicap (I think you meant that by AH) is bad for me also. Here’s a picture.

How has it been going for you guys? I have been hovering around 350-500 EUR profit like 1 week plus now, so not really growing, currently somewhere 400.

My last week has been shite …a downswing started since last wednesday, and continuing as we speak.

If Id have betted opposite to recommended bets Id have had a tremendous week :slight_smile:

How is betting on Asian Handicap going for you guys? I can’t profit on that, it’s still going down, while others like over/under, win, threeway only grow.

Don’t even let that feeling creep in😅 don’t! Asian Handicaps are the one of the most profitable markets to bet on, they’ve got good volume, high ev, etc. Let variance play out

Been real busy, had a storm come through and went a week with no internet at home.

Tennis is one of my favorites. Asian handicap have been killing it. FYI, i dont tend to bet stuff under 1% of my bankroll, not that i dont think it is profitable but when i started those bets were so small that i didnt think it was really worth the effort, and since it is working I havent changed.

Since I am really limited at all the Kambi books I bet up to 3x the suggested amount on larger market bets. ex. NBA, NFL, EPL. Probably increases my variance but I dont worry about that any longer.

Hope everyone is well and making money.

It has been 30 days now since I started this blog, 35ish days when I first started so I will count it as a month, the ROI has been around 50-75% for me, which I think is pretty good. Im on a really slow climb, here are a few pictures. I might be adding some more money into this since it seems to be working, here are a few pictures of my results. (average bets right now 10-15 EUR)

I think getting 3000+ bets in a month is a lot :joy: Unibet and Paf are a bit weird, from the start I made an account there, I can’t make bets over 5 EUR on most games, but I can make big bets on famous games like the world cup and etc, am I limited or no? They haven’t sent me any letter.

Yes, I think 3000 bets in a month is a lot! I dont have that many in 3 months!

You are probably limited, also, the books have much lower limits when the match is further away.
I feel the books limit you by letting you bet a % of their max. Max on EPL right before it starts might be 5000, so even if you are limited to 5% you could still get down 250, if it is some obscure Algerian soccer match the opening line max might only be 100, They won’t be sending any letter telling you they are limiting you. You won’t get many bonus offers either.

I think you should slowly start increasing your max bet %, if you are still at 1.

Be well friend

When the games are closer to start then I can bet more yeah, you’re right. Some NBA games are limited to 12 EUR for me when they are like 12+ hrs away, Unibet and Paf are copies of eachother so I’m limited on both of them, I can still make bets, just not on random leagues, only the top ones. My max bet % is still on 1, I will turn it up to 1.25%
Keep it up, your results are really nice :+1:
I will keep posting updates :slight_smile: