What bookmakers should I bet on?

Hey guys, I started the whole value betting 7 days ago and I have the pro value betting subscription. I live in the uk, and haven’t had much luck this week in value betting as I’m down £-49 (slightly worrying).

I bet on whatever is given to me on the dashboard, usually above 5% value. I use bet365, 10bet, williamhill and ladbrokes as my bookmakers… I was wondering whether or not these are the best soft bookmakers I should be betting on to maximize my profit.

Can someone also please advice me on what type of bets I should be putting my money on as I found out most the bets I get given are football (soccer) bets O/U 2.5 or 3.5, and most bets have lost. I have also done many O/U in the basketball and have won but also lost an equal amounts!

If someone could help me, I’d really appreciate it!
Thank you

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bro, you have the right bookmakers, don’t worry. You are good, especially that you take bets of 5%+(i do the same), you are doing well…just place more bets. Place 1000 bets with this approach and you will be good. You don’t have enough bets now to make a decision. Place more bets, you are good, trust me.

I am in the same situation as you. When using the free trial with small bets under 5% I was making £5-£10 per day for the first 3 days so then I became a pro member and increased my bankroll.

I use coral, 365, willhill, BoyleSports, BetVictor and Ladbrokes.

Since becoming a pro member and placing 40 bets per day on average, and increasing the bet stake I am now down on profit. I’ve been betting on 5% plus now and seemed to have better results when betting on under 5%.

At the moment I’m not sure if the monthly subscription is going to be worth it going at the rate I’m on now.

Thanks for the filters. Do you just bet on whatever pops up or do you research the teams form before you bet on for example an over or under match.

I wondered, maybe it was just the worst time possible for me to join 7 days ago but I’ll keep betting to see what happens…

i do not bet on under 2 on football or i don’t bet on under 1 /0.75/ 0.5 at half time. I have some experience in sports betting and for me this bets have no value no matter what. And i dont bet on WIN on odds higher then 1.90…again just some personal taste, you can take everything if you want.

This indeed is very helpful! How about for over and under in basketball? or do you only mainly bet on football? If you don’t mind, would you mind making a list of things that you should do/don’t, if you have time… This could come very handy for many people!

this what i bet on.
i can’t really make a list with do/don’t because this is what works for me. Most of the people bet on everything. I don’t know if this is good or bad but if you will pay attention to people results, in general, you will see that 90% the profits come from FOOTBALL and BASKET. I will always chose to do less for more if you understand what i mean. Why would you do extra work to bet on rugby or Esports if 90% of you money come from football and basket?? Why would you take a bet on under 2 goals on football if 60% of all football games have 2+ goals ? These are just small things that won’t make a big difference in the end but that will give you an extra boost in your journey (in my opinion). I’ve made this changes after 1000bets in my journey after i had some results to work with. But in general, these are things that i would chose to do anyway, so i guess that is just my personality. Less work for more money…this is the idea. Take it easy and have patience and stay in the game. If you have 1000bets a month constantly, you will outwork most of the people, so don’t worry…valuebetting is a way to make money based on volume, not based on being right or wrong.

Do you find much value placing bets on Smarkets and betfair or is it best to stick to the soft bookmakers?

No, is not worth it. The odds will change really fast and you will get a few bets a month. Is not worth for me to work extra just to place 50 bets a month with betfair or smarkets. They are just too good, is very very hard to make money with them and you wont get many bets…this is the truth

I appreciate this and definitely will this advice !

Thank you!

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These are the sports and markets i bet on. I pretty much bet on anything except baseball and rugby. Idk if i could do better if i changed some things but this has been working pretty well for me.


Currently I am getting the best profit using coral all the other bookmakers I use I seem to be down on profit.

As mentioned before by the original poster if using bookmakers in the UK do you find you get better results from certain bookmakers or is it all just down to placing a higher number of bets regardless of who it’s with as long as the % value is above 5%

nice results

for me bet365 is great…i am in uk

Do you have any specific bets you place for basketball? like do or dont’s

i will not take a WIN bet with odds higher than 1.90, other than that, i take everything

what about for asian handicap in basketball?

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As I am still in my first 10 days of value betting is it normal for the results to be this bad.

Would you recommend trying any other bookmakers, or to limit myself to just a few bookmakers and just carry on with what I am doing now but try and increase the number of daily bets to more than 40+?