What do you guys thing about the VB price increase?

Hello guys, I think everyone got the email yesterday about the price increase.

Starter will be 99€
Pro will be a whopping 219€

For the people that already have a subscrition the price will remain the same BUT only for the first 3 months.

I understand that for that price we will get value betting + sure betting but I’m guessing that 90% of the people here are only using the Value betting software and aren’t intrested in sure betting.

I’ve been value betting for the last 4 months and I am pretty mutch restricted on all bookmakers with mulitple accounts. 5 days ago I started exploring the posibility of using sharp bookies but since there isn’t allot of liquidity there and the “edge” is also alot smaller on there I am not sure if 219€ a month + all that time you put into placing the bets is really worth it or even profitable.

I’m not here to cause a fight, just curious what other members think about the price increase.

Ive never done SURE BETTING , so not sure if it would be worth it. I know Sure Betting sounds a “no-brainer” but 2 concerns for me 1) Like SamBuca , Im gubbed to death, so not sure I will be able to place decent size bets needed to eek out the measly edges on Sure Betting—and 2) Ive always been nervouse about placing bet 2) on a sure bet…because if you cant do it succesfully for whatever reason …you are only “SURE BETTING” a loss to your Bankroll…and that loss can take a massive job to claw back.

Sure betting requires alot more balance and bet size to make a small % of profit so for people that are gubbed its already worthless.

Also I’m pretty sure sure betting will get you limited alot faster for people that where just Value Betting.

I had subs for Value betting starter and sure bet but switched to just having VB Pro. In my opinion sure betting requires more accounts and much higher stakes per bet.

Plus I blew all my profit on an exchange ARB that I didn’t check correctly before lumping on :sweat_smile: Smarkets had pulled a Non-Runner but Matchbook hadn’t yet so got hit with a hefty reduction factor. Can’t really blame the software for that but I much prefer the ‘bet and forget’ style of value betting.

Looking forward to the bet history download feature though!

I am happy that they integrated the two products. I even suggested that a few days back in one of the posts :disguised_face:. They pretty much spelled out the good arguments why they merged the products.
Of course, I would preferer that the price remained the same…
Even if most users will not use the ARB/Surebetting feature it can be a good tool for rebalancing bankroll across accounts.


The price increase is disgusting and eats massively in to our profits. I still get the same price increase here in Australia. Considering that there are only 3/4 Australian bookmakers on the platform (makes sure betting quite pointless and impossible) . I will be dropping out after the 3 months at the current price as it certainly becomes a rip off after that.