Why do I keep losing and rarely going over 0?


I have posted my current downstreak (which keeps falling).

Below I have posted my current settings:


Should I take stake adjusting off? Will this result in more profit? Any tips for me to change what I’m doing please?


Do value percentage:

Do odds:

Time at most:

Stake size:

You can keep adjust for open bets on

When staking just choose a rounded number so £4 or £5 etc depending on Ur bank roll. Don’t worry too much about Kelly criterion

Just choose a whole number and stick to it and increase it slowly as your bank builds up

This should get you on the right track of being profitable.

Let me know how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:

Also bet on everything that shows up as long as it’s the correct odds as shown

Your first screenshot is posted with poor resolution. Can hardly see anything on it…
Please re-post!

Hi these are from the tracker page. I have adjusted to your advised settings above ^ thank you for the advice I will try these

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Would you guys reccommend betting the same amount on every bet? For example: £20 bets regardless if the kelly adjusts to £45 or even £15? Even if the odds are high or low.

You’ve placed 270 bets which is a really small sample. Your settings are fine, just keep placing bets.

Imagine you are playing roulette betting on black/red, except that if it is 0 you win rather than the casino. How long would you picture it taking before the benefit of that 0 outweighs the random chance of getting black or red right? How often would you go to the casino for the night and still lose money? That’s what we are doing here.


I actually don’t know the answer to this tbh

I’ve always kept my stakes the same and it’s worked for me

I have losing days but then it recovers and my bank roll goes higher

But I have wondered if I stuck to Kelly would my down days be not as big because it would suggest a lower stake when chances of winning are lower

But still I just kept to my stake because I know it works for me lol

If you happen to try both with the same settings please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Or if anyone else has tried both

I would not recommend flat staking with max odds at 3.40 unless that stake size is less that 1% of your BR.
Why not stake higher when the value is higher and less when the value is less - and adjusted for the risk? That what Kelly helps you to do.
The BASIC/DEFAULT settings are FINE! There is no “magic tweak”.
If you put down thousands of bets (you have less than 500 bets?!) and manage your bankroll, then your only worries will be to get hold of new betting accounts.

I like that analogy!

Thanks, feel free to steal it :smile:

I find sometimes something visual helps people understand better.

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Update after another 100 bets… keeps getting worse

This month is my worst of all the year.
I am really disappointed :frowning:

And I have played 3500 bets.
It is not a small sample.

Time spending also was really big.

But you have been making profit before at least

How do you not get gubbed?

I have multiple accounts, to my friends and family.

Just to ballance out the negative sentiment a tad…
My month, and last three, months have bee pretty good. But yeah… I place thousands of bets!
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-16 at 23.29.04_05447ff7

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Why don’t you try and do a single stake? See if it changes anything. Try £15 for every bet?

In your screenshot you won 4 out of 5 so you would only be 1 unit down

You still have pending bets so I dunno what the full outcome would have been from the screenshot but 1 unit down isn’t too bad. Obviously you would rather be in profit

Also I know it’s just a tiny sample of all your bets but I’m just going off what I can see.

How else are you betting? If you see 5 bets and it says over 200, over 199, over 198, over 197 and over 196. Are you picking the highest or lowest? This goes for all the other types of bets too. Like Asian handicap and goals etc

I’ll help you turn profitable :slightly_smiling_face: