Am I in the right direction?

Hi everybody, English its not my native language but I"ll try to explain myself. I just started using ValueBet one week ago and so far the results are good, I have a ROI of 23.16% and yield 30.42%, but I got stucked in the last three days.

It started on June 4th, where I had 1.52 dollars as profit, next day I lost 10 dollars, and today I lost other 10 dollars. So I am taking a break in order to find the problem.

My settings:
Stake sizing 30%
Bank 800 dollars
Bookies Bet365, Betsson and BetCris
Value 2-10 % Odds 1.20-3.10
Time to start match below 12 hours

Think one reason could be that I started betting on Tennis, where I have 1% yield and I have chosen odds over 2.30, but I am new here so I ask for help!!! Thanks you!!!

How many bets you have placed total? You lost 20 dollars and you are about to take a break to find a problem? There is no problem, just variance and thats not even a downsing yet. Just keep hammering those bets in and you will profit over time. Also dont forget to adjust your max bet.

in long term the yield will be 2-2.5% and on sharps 0.5% that is how it goes on tradematesports … i expect the same here

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vanleej, never heard of tradematesports before but looks interesting. Is this very similar to Rebel Betting? Does it work with exchanges? I’m looking to find a way to continue value betting once all of bookmaker accounts have been restricted so would be interested to see if tradematesports has potential?

I just saw its web page, the price is the double we pay here.
I am not even a PRO sub here, I will not pay the double for the “entry level there”.
Keep the faith here, it is possible.
When the service dropped, I was here saying: THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!
I am here now saying: MY PROFITS ARE BACK because I tweaked my bets here.
So, I will be here till some real disaster happens, maybe 3 or 4 months of going down!

But, sure, anyone can change their preferences and softs, your choice… do your research, crossing “price” and “gains”, VB is still the lower price and the better cost/gains result in the market.

tradematesports works with exchage but only pro version 400 a month
but y also can the alerts put in the exchange in play trades
what i do in the overs

Please don’t buy this product!its not about the variance what they trying to explain!its about the luck!same when you bet on a team and accidentally you win or lose but you don’t need a program for that!anybody can give you tips for free and also you can!dont listen to hanna and her friend!!i have lost a lost more than I win!

the problem is there is not a filter… can filter handicaps draw no bet/match odds/overs
very dificult to find out where it goes wrong

LOL, Nandor…
Listen, I am not a friend of anyone here.
I am friend here of PROFIT.
I am showing my results.
IF you look for my posts between october and early december, I was complaning a LOT and saying I was considering getting out…

See this post of mine: Statistically significant bad results?

See this one: Statistically significant bad results?

I was considering getting out, because I was losing 15% per month, plus the sub.
The tide changed for me, at the moment, but my pocket is my compass, I will stay where my profit grows.

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I’m not telling you only!its not about the variance I mean it’s about the luck!you must be at the right place at the right time so that why other players win make a nice profit and other players like most of them us are looser!!!i can bet anything what I think that will win no need program tells me where put my stake to lose!anybody can lose any amount!vb is very bad don’t buy anyone!!!seriously I know what I’m talking about!

Ok, I understand you are not pointing me… but I totally disagree.
I bet heavily since january 2018.
I tried tipsters, I tried twitter tipster, I tried statistics sites, I tried arbitrage, I tried bots, I tried to create my methods (I have 2 with relative success in hockey and NBA) but… camon, I am here for 8 months… and my ROI is over 1000%…
How can I say VB is bad?
I can´t, I would be lying!
1000% is SURREAL! You don´t have this result even in cryptocoins.
AND, I almost did not changed my initial bankroll, everytime I got a good profit, I withdraw it.
SO, from this 1000%, pratically 900% is in my bank account.
I am not a rich guy, I never had luck in anything, I need to do HARD WORK to earn my salary… so, I am happy here and I will stay.

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I have to agree mostly with this. Value Betting is the only thing that has worked but me and I have made some nice profit. However, the last 6 weeks the results really have tailed off and don’t seem to show any sign of recovering. I don’t know if it is anything to do with the new Pro version released by Rebel Betting? I think I’m going to take a break from it though as I dont want to keep eating in to my profits.