Is O/U even worth including?

After doing 800 valuebets on Over/Under bets it still is the only category that is well in the negative and that is with the best CLV out of all of them.

I mostly bet on soccer and basketball O/U and take pretty much all kinds of odds from 1.5-2.5.

From the mostly negative experience with O/U it almost seems this category varies too wildly for the value to be somewhat correct. It slowly feels like even with an odd of 1.9 and a value of 8% i’m at a disadvantage on a coin flip bet.

Do any of you have experience or tips from your own O/U valuebets over the years.

These are the combined stats for O/U for Football and Basketball the last year:

In May 2021, we removed Overs for Football. But later, we re-added profitable Overs with low margin in May of this year.


Thanks for the data, I haven’t seen that. Makes me feel at least a little bit better about O/U. Seems like thats just the nature of the game then. Upward and downward swings. Will give it another shot and see if i can get green in that column :slight_smile:

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Indeed, the more bets you place, the less variance will have effect on your results.

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