Neteller will be removed in May 2020

We have to remove Neteller as a payment option in May 2020.

You can still use credit (and debit) card payment, and Skrill.
Let us know if this will be a problem for you.

The reason is they will trash their API, which has worked fine for over 8 years, and switch to the Paysafe API (their parent company).

Reminder - Neteller will be removed within a few days.

If you’ve recently subscribed with Neteller, please contact us and we’ll give you a good offer to switch to a credit card subscription instead.

FYI (I think- some of these are just redirects, I didn’t spend very much time going through each URL):

You still have Neteller mentioned in your RebelBetting Arbitage Boot Camp book in the free and full versions:

And in a bunch of places on your website:

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into this and update our texts on our website. Though you may still be able to use Neteller as a deposit method to the bookmakers.

It is just that we won’t be able to support Neteller as payment option for our services.

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