Not profitable after nearly 2000 bets

I am not profitable after close to 2000 bets and would really just like some tips. Like am i doing something wrong or are my luck really bad?.

This is all normal. And I think your settings are just fine.

But it is easy to underestimate how many bets you actually have to place in order for the variance to have less effect. Have you tried the bet simulator ? This is a great tool to help understand variance.

Check out this post in our community to learn more.

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I would suggest to lower the time to start to 12-16 hours on weekdays (depending how much action there is) and 8-10 hours on weekends (again depending on the action available).
Like Hanna said, you need more bets. Maybe if you ask nicely RB will give you and additional month since you are at a loss?

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I think it’s normal. even my last month sucked

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Same here, march was 1+% yield for me after almost 5k bets

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Could it be that something is wrong with valubet selection? in almost two years of using RB I have never seen a situation like this. I don’t know why the founders don’t allow a serious backtesting service since it would improve performance a lot

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Sorry but your situation doesn’t reflect the other users:

There will of course be users with significantly different results than the aggregate, even when betting exactly with the default filters.

General data counts for nothing. You have to see bet365 because that’s where the most bets are made

Now my drawdown is over 65%… Rip

I am close to my ATH even though my weekend was lousy (Monday morning result is slightly down compared to Friday evening). Sadly I got limited on the account just when the fun was starting…

Do not want to throw salt on the wounds just share a bit balanced experience.
If your CLV is up then they are valuebets.

I dig your pain mate, sorry for the bad variance. 65% drawdown is rare but not impossible, I won’t advice you to back out though, if anything be positive as the variance can sometimes help with account life, there’s not much you can do now other than to try and place more bets. Bet365 is a high volume book so you can easily get in 5k trades, get to this milestone and there’s a greater than 95% chance you’ll be in profit. Rebel offers the free month guarantee too.

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I already used the free month in January as it was another bad month. now in May I have lost all the profit made in the last 2 months. I will continue to bet

I’ve also had a woeful last month or so. Having climbed steadily to £3k profit, and loving RB, i’ve now gone about 5 weeks and 1300 bets and have lost -£300. That’s a bitter pill to swallow. That’s dozens of hours down the pan. I’m only just hovering at the CLV overall, and have been sticking to the manta of “just place more bets” but it doesn’t seem to be working.
I have pretty much only been using Bet365 with all the recommended settings although i have 48 hours mid week and 24 hrs on the weekend. Will keep betting for now, but fast losing enthusiasm.

How much are you staking per bet?

Hello mate. So between £20- £40 depending on what it suggests. Average stake £24. I only bet on tennis and football as I’m only losing Bet356 as i don’t want to get gubbed if I’m pinging around multiple sports.

I don’t think betting on certain sports will prolong the gubbing, it’s inevitable mate. I’ll advise you to get down more volume as quickly as possible!