Very new to this and looking at trial

Hi there,

I’m very very new to all of this and really have to say going in that I don’t have all that much experience with betting at all.
I was wondering about a few things and was hoping to perhaps get some information on them?
I’ve tried to read up as much as I can on the site but there’s a lot to go through (by the way to the site owners, thank you for all the information as it’s really appreciated!) and I was wondering regarding settings does the software come with some standard default settings which will work for most people, especially absolute starters like myself?
I’m just worried that if it doesn’t and I go in blindly making different settings then I could be setting myself up for a very large fall.
Next up I’ve watched the main video that talks about 3 different bettors and their experiences and it mentions only needing say a £500 starting bank roll? Is this still enough to start with and if I did start with that much then how much would I likely be looking at making (profit) in say a month?
Next is the topic of downswings. I have been reading about these on the site and I’ll be totally honest that they obviously do scare me a little bit however I understand that this should iron itself out over time. My question though would be that if you were to experience a really large downswing is this going to have an effect on how long your bookmaker accounts stay open for before getting restricted?
If say you had a couple of months of really bad downswings then could you still find yourself being limited by the bookmakers even though you’ve not profited from them?
Last question (although I’m sure I will probably think of more) is based on getting banned at the bookmakers. Are there any long term users here (I’m thinking of people who have been using this site for over 3 years - has it been going that long?) who are still making a good profit each month and if so what might that be?
I absolutely don’t want to be greedy but at the same time want to make this work well for me so just wondering what I might be able to expect out of it all as the monthly cost is obviously a good chunk of money. I’m just wondering what an ideal amount of say bankroll would be to go in with?
I’m also wondering whether it’s best to start with sure bets and then work up to value bets over time once bankroll has increased or is that just likely to get you limited faster so you may not get to the value bets? Is it therefore just better to start value betting from the outset with as large a bankroll as you possibly can?
Thanks for any help anyone can give on this as I really do appreciate anything anyone can share with me.

I would highly recommend to start with VB over SB.
Yo van do with 500€ bankroll but much better is 1000€.
Read up on the RB article about bankroll management.
Bankroll management
The standard settings are fine for most users. Actually most beginners tinker to much with those settings without understanding them. If you are worried about downswings reduce your Kelly from 30% to 25%, however this will also slight limit your profit potential.
Good betting.

Hi there,

Many thanks for the reply it’s very much appreciated.
So if I went with say £1000 bankroll to start with and reduced the Kelly to around 25% how much do you think I could make in say a month?
Many thanks for your help with this.

Best wishes

That is impossible to say. I was at a slight loss after a month… in the middle of my first month I was down about 50% of my bankroll (and yes… I had “tinkered” with the default settings…) but RB’s profit guarantee really helped out since I got the next month for free.
I have friends, and I know members, who have doubled their BR in a month…
How much you make also depends on how much time and effort you put into the betting. It is hugely important to put down lots of bets. With Kelly at 25% you will require even more bets to get the bankroll into play.
Read the article that I linked before and make sure you understand the different BR strategies!
This post is also good and touches on some of the strategies in the article.

Hi there.
Thanks again for all the helpful replies. I was wondering with the default settings (let’s say I stuck with the 30%), when people say a downswing that doesn’t mean that their bankroll goes negative does it?
I mean let’s say I started with £1000 and I had a bad downswing it wouldn’t mean I’d have to put more in to the bank would it?
I’d really like to give this a really good shot but can only put in so much that I’m willing to ‘risk’ so hoping that I would see a return before needing to add more to the bankroll? If that makes sense?

For instance on this post here -Negative Results After 3000 Bets - Improving

He says he’s got a negative profit. Does that mean that he’s had to put more into his bankroll at some point?

Many thanks

Apologies I knew there would be something else I’d need to ask!!
With the 14 day trial are there certain limitations and if there are what are they and what would they do to any potential profit?

Many thanks again.

Please read through the posts and article that I linked to.
If you start with 1000 I would suggest you deposit 500 and keep 500 to top-up if required, and bet as if you had 500 (set the BR to 500 and de-select Adjust For Open Bets).
Most people starting out and experiencing initial downswings lose portion of their BR, not their complete BR.

Okay thank you very much for the advice. Reading through everything now.

Thanks again!

So , do you subscribe ti rebelbetting?